15 Industry Experts Discuss Why Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics

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With each passing year, more and more Millennials are becoming the driving force in the workplace. Having grown up in a technological age, Millennials are accustomed to the convenience of technology in simplifying tasks, as well as its ability to instantly access information, and they expect to see these benefits in the workplace. This has motivated many companies to implement Microsoft Dynamics, a program with full CRM and ERP functions that help Millennials (and the companies they work for) increase productivity and get results. How has the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics been accepted by Millennials in the workplace?

Notice the remarks of some in the industry:

“Millennials love the mobile-friendly capabilities Dynamics 365 offers them. In the busy world we live in, the need to easily connect to Dynamics 365 from phones and tablets, while still enjoying an easy, intuitive user experience, is critical.” - Alex Quinn, Marketing Manager, BroadPoint

“Having grown up with the internet, millennials expect to be able to tailor their technology to fit their exact use cases. Users can customize forms in Dynamics 365 to show only the most pertinent information, and they can build out workspaces that show open tasks and relevant data.” - Logan Acton, Dynamics 365 Consultant, RSM

“After numerous data privacy scandals, millennials are concerned with personal data issues and its protection. Dynamics 365 provides a robust data security model, and add-on products ensure data protection between D365 and other Microsoft apps.” - Thomas Berndorfer, CEO, Connecting Software

“Microsoft provides constant breakthroughs in innovations when it comes to technology — such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Omni Channel Solutions and much more — and we utilize all of that to provide solutions that work for our clients. - Rob Trigg, VP Sales and Marketing, CRM Dynamics

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