Track Leaderboards, Top Performing employees and CRUD actions in Dynamics 365 CRM

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Managing workforce and tracking its performance leads to an effective business process in return increasing the productivity of an organization. Since the workforce in Dynamics 365 CRM can be of varying capacity, it is complex to track each employee individually. This is where the productivity app user adoption monitor kicks tracking the user adoption of the organization. User adoption is a necessary element of every organization to be in sync with its workforce performance and therefore make strategies to launch required training program or to motivate the team.

User Adoption Monitor helps in tracking the adoption of any system aptly. With the help of this app it is possible to track users and their activity viz. CRUD i.e. Create, Read, Update and Delete. For instance say Rhea is the manager of an organization and she wants to track when a record is created in Account, Lead, Opportunity and few other entities by her subordinates. She has the option to configure user adoption for her team members and track the record creation of those members whose user adoption is turned on. She can track the actions for these users daily, weekly or monthly.

Rhea goes to Manage Entity Action and specifies the time period when she wants to track these actions. Therefore, without individually tracking each user she has collective information.

Dynamics CRM User Adoption Tracker

Furthermore Rhea can also track other custom actions like System User login, Opportunity won, Lead qualified, etc. for enabled users.

Dynamics CRM User Adoption Tracker

Rhea can also view Leaderboard using which she can track the top-performing employees. She can easily view the activity break-up and each user’s performance across Dynamics 365 CRM application through Dashboard visualizations to list out key metrics.

Dynamics CRM User Adoption Tracker

Thus, you have seen how using User Adoption Monitor she can quickly monitor the performance of each employee and reward them or launch training perform.

To know more, download this app from Website or AppSource for a free trial of 15 days.

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