PCF controls for quick visualization of Dynamics 365 CRM data on maps!

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Map Dynamics 365 CRM

Map + Dynamics 365 CRM has emerged as an essential component of any Sales or Service cycle targeting various Leads, Prospects and Clients. With map integration, seamless opportunity to visualize Dynamics 365 data on maps is enabled and users can take required steps to thrive in the market. Maplytics is such an app that leverages the power of Maps for Dynamics 365 CRM data visualization and is rated as Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource.

For any user to view Dynamics 365 records on map their latitude and longitude needs to be precisely plotted. The first step to plot Dynamics 365 data on maps is to geocode the records correctly thereby, extracting their coordinates. With proper visualization on map an organization can launch marketing campaigns to redefine the business.

For seamless Dynamics 365 data visualization on map, Maplytics incorporates various types of PCF (PowerApps Component Framework) controls that enable the users to enhance their application skills. PowerApps component framework forms the base for all new modules, whether for model-driven or canvas apps. In order to provide visualization of Dynamics 365 data in various modes, PCF controls is introduced. Here are the PCF Controls Maplytics allows:

Map view control for record

This is a custom control that helps in visualizing single (individual) record on map. Users can also view the address and coordinates on hover of pushpin.

Dynamics 365 data visualization on map

Map edit control for record

This is another type of custom control where users also have the option to drag and drop the pushpins in case it is required and update the new coordinates and address. This provides users the flexibility to revise coordinates as per requirement. They can also search a location via the Search Bar and update the new address by clicking on update button.

Dynamics 365 data visualization on map

Map view control for dataset

It is a seamless way to provide visualization for different views or grid of an entity in form of pushpins on map. This provides deeper insight of the location geographically helping in strategizing better. All the records on the grid are plotted on Map View Control and its details are displayed on hover over the pushpins. User can also click on the pushpins to highlight them. Highlighting multiple pushpins can help the users to perform various actions on all the highlighted records together from the ribbon bar. In case a filter is applied then only those records are displayed that fulfill the search criteria. Users can also right-click on any pushpin to open the respective record.

Dynamics 365 data visualization on map

Therefore you have seen how by providing PCF controls on Dynamics 365 data users can seamlessly perform tiresome tasks quickly.

Maplytics is a market leading CfMD geo-analytical app popular for routing, territory management, proximity search, appointment planning and PCF. It fundamentally enables plotting, planning and viewing Dynamics 365 data on map to improve the Sales and area of Service of an organization by navigating on map with Waze app and Google maps.

The solution for Maplytics can be downloaded from Website or AppSource.

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