Non-Profit Uses Microsoft Azure to Advocate for Education Funding

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The Commit Partnership Utilizes Microsoft Azure to Advocate for $6.5 Billion in Funding


Earlier this year, AKA Enterprise Solutions worked with The Commit Partnership, a Texas non-profit focused on education, to help them gain better insight into their data.


Since its inception, The Commit Partnership had managed to accumulate over 20 terabytes of data related to educational funding, student performance, and more. With so much data to account for, the organization was struggling with how to compile, analyze, and gain actionable insights from their data in order to make better and more strategic decisions.



Particularly when it comes to resource management and funding, The Commit Partnership relies on data insights to advise the schools they work with. The ability to report on prior successes is also heavily data dependent. Without this reporting in place, it’s difficult to secure critical funding from various partners.


At AKA Enterprise Solutions, we teamed up with Microsoft, DataKind, and Strive Together to develop a streamlined, easily accessible cloud platform for The Commit Partnership. By combining predictive analytics with the power of machine learning, the platform enables The Commit Partnership to run models against their vast data sets, offering new insight into their data.


The Commit Partnership Featured in a Microsoft Customer Story

AKA is thrilled that The Commit Partnership was recently featured in a Microsoft case study which highlights the non-profit’s use of Azure. Check out the case study here.


Is your organization looking to improve how you manage your data? Find out more about AKA’s non-profit focused solutions.


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