Mobilize Your Business Processes With Dynamics 365 Mobile

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Mobilize your business processes with Dynamics 365 Mobile

Arrive more prepared for appointments and update notes, tasks, and attachments while the details are still fresh in your mind.

If you've used Dynamics 365 Mobile previously, one change you'll notice right away is that the experience is the same whether you are on your desktop, phone, or tablet.  Also previously, there were some issues with the mobile app and these issues have been resolved. For example, previously, certain features did not work in offline mode but this has been updated. Mobile online or offline is currently available. The mobile app now synchronizes data when it is operating in the background, freeing you to do other things on your device.  The mobile offline feature is now available for iOS and Android users. The mobile app will now synchronize data while it’s operating in the background, allowing you to get updated data and do other things on your device at the same time.

Other New and Enhanced Features

Business Card Scanning: This is a much-requested feature of Dynamics 365 from many people. In this digital age, people still exchange business cards, but it can be time-consuming to enter all the data from a business card into your CRM. Also, a business card sitting on your desk can be easily lost.

In addition forms and notes have both been enhanced. The mobile app now allows you to create a note in-line while you are in a form- enabling you to view relevant details while writing a note. Also, notes do not have to be opened individually to view them. You can see notes at a glance, as they now include a preview of the attached images.

Quickly get to the apps you use most: By default, the list of model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 mobile app contains only production apps.  The list can be expanded to see apps belonging to non-production environments as well. Also, the app list is updated to display the correct icon along with the app name/ environment, enabling you to quickly access the app of your choice at a quick glance.

New Look and Feel: There are new, updated colors.  Apps will be displayed with the new Unified Interface on your mobile device.

Sign in and Navigation

Sign in quickly using your email or web address. You no longer have to sort through a long list of apps to find the app you are looking for. Upon sign-in, users can view an optimized list of model-driven apps they have access to.

The navigation is now easier and is improved than what we had previously. Portrait mode is the default view for phones and landscape mode is the default for tablets. Layouts are now more compact and optimized in order to allow you to view more information with less scrolling. Because the dashboard now stacks related elements, more information is displayed at once.

The navigation bar (hamburger menu) can be used to get to your work area, create a new record, switch apps, search, and more.

Navigation in Dynamics 365 Mobile | enCloud9

Selecting the site map button will bring you to your dashboards and charts. Clicking on the down arrow will allow you to select a different dashboard.

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