How to Simplify Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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How to Simplify Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Salespeople face a frustrating hurdle in the sales process - manually creating sales orders. Sales reps work hard to establish a relationship and trust with a potential customer and learn what motivates them and their needs. Then they spend time generating a proposal, negotiating terms, and coming to an agreement. But that’s not the end of the sales process; they then must go through the tedious task of manual order entry before the sale can be considered a done deal.

Creating Sales Orders - Common Pitfalls in the Sales Process

While this final step is not the hardest, it is often the one that is most likely to ruin a sale. Once a sale has reached order entry, it is up to the people in that department to ensure data and information is entered correctly and on time. If not, quotas and deadlines are missed, sales are lost, and commissions are forfeited. These are a few reasons sales reps and order entry often find themselves battling rather than working together:

  1. Manual Mistakes: We are prone to error - it’s human nature. Sales reps who generate quotes manually in documents or spreadsheets are likely to mistype or put something incorrectly in one or more of the fields. Even the smallest errors can stall a deal from progressing.
  2. Prohibited Price Adjustments: In an effort to make a sale and meet a quota, some sales reps will go off the playbook and offer discounted prices that may not be approved by the company. These prices may lead to a deal being rejected or sent back.
  3. Incomplete Funnel: A deal must make its way through the entire sales funnel and be approved by key stakeholders before it is completed. When unapproved discounts are attempted or stakeholders are missed in the approval process, the deal could halt before being finalized.
  4. Incorrect Inventory: What may seem like a silly obstacle, but is one of the most common, is a sales rep trying to sell a product or service that is no longer offered. Outdated product lists can lead to a sales rep quoting customers for products or services that the company no longer offers, leading the deal to a dead end.

Problem-Solving with a CPQ Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales  

Luckily, there is a simple way to solve the conflict between sales reps and order creation - a CPQ solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For example, manual entry errors can be eliminated with a CPQ sales quoting solution. Quotes are automated and generated without the risk of human error.

Learn how to simplify your quoting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales in this video.

No need to worry about rogue sales reps offering unapproved discounts. CPQ solutions facilitate pricing and discount policies, prohibiting sales reps from altering quotes and proposals.

A CPQ solution stops illegitimate price deductions and keeps stakeholders in the loop. Integrated approval workflows guarantee all stakeholders will see and be able to approve quotes before they are sent to customers. This allows sales reps to know that their quotes are validated and will not be rejected by managers. 

Learn more: What is CPQ?

Lastly, a CPQ solution removes the possibility of sales reps quoting prices for products or services no longer offered. It will ensure that only current, valid products can be quoted by sales reps - with pre-approved prices or discounts. Additionally, CPQ software added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide upsell options sales reps may not be aware of. This added benefit helps sales reps in their commissions and increases revenue.

Take a look at the positive impact CPQ has on the quote and sales order generation process:

Infographic CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

CPQ - A Harmonious Solution

A CPQ solution is the key to sales reps streamlining sales order creation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to ensure a seamless customer experience. CPQ eliminates manual errors and places guardrails on the deal process, which prevents deals from stalling or being abandoned altogether. 

Learn how DealHub CPQ integrates natively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help your sales team streamline the price quotation and sales proposal process and conquer the challenges involved in creating sales orders.

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