Dynamics 365 with Office 365: A Powerful Combination

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Microsoft has long been a leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Resource Management) solutions. Microsoft has also long been a leader in digital office technology.

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution providing everything you need for a complete ERP and CRM solution in one system. Office 365 is an application that allows access to Microsoft’s most used office applications, such as Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft’s Office 365 are two powerful applications. What happens when you integrate these two powerful applications? You get a combination that is more powerful, more versatile, more valuable.

There are compelling reasons why you should consider integrating these two powerful apps.

Here are some ways you can use Microsoft Office 365 features with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  Microsoft Excel with Dynamics 365

When you have large numbers of records to update, you could do them one at a time. That’s a huge investment in time and resources. A better way is to update your records in Excel online right from within your Dynamics 365 system.

Also, if you are analyzing data, you don’t need to leave Dynamics 365; just use Microsoft Excel Online while still in Dynamics 365, and you can perform all the necessary data analysis. When you’re finished, the updated information will be saved in Dynamics 365.

When it comes to reporting on your data, you may want to use the more complex data analysis tools in Excel. That’s fine. As long as the data in Excel is integrated into Dynamic 365, your reports will be updated automatically for a real-time view of your information.


Microsoft Word 2013 logo vector  Microsoft Word with Dynamics 365

Word templates within Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to benefit from the many advanced features offered by Microsoft Word. If you need to generate professional documents, use the Word templates. You’ll be able to design your document’s layout just as you would using Microsoft Office Word. The templates help you save time by not having to create new documents every time you work with similar records.

Customer data can also be merged into the Word templates to construct summaries.


Image result for outlook logo  Microsoft Outlook with Dynamics 365

Integrating Office 365 into your Dynamic 365 platform allows you to:

  • Easily track emails
  • Check information about sales activities and track appointments and meetings from within your Outlook Calendar
  • Generate new Dynamics records from Outlook
  • Automatically schedule tasks in response to emails and add the information to your customer record


Image result for sharepoint logo  Microsoft SharePoint with Dynamics 365

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. It is primarily a document management and storage system designed to save space and reduce your data storage. When it’s integrated with your Dynamics 365, your customer data can easily be retrieved, and the documents containing customer data can be automatically attached to your customer records. This integration allows you to collaborate and share documents with users both inside and outside of your organization.


Image result for one note logo  Microsoft OneNote with Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s OneNote application acts as a digital notebook that can be used to take notes wherever you go. Integrating OneNote with Dynamics 365 lets you create and edit notes within an activity wall record, both on the web application and Mobile apps, for selected entities. You can easily capture, organize, and store notes and images on any device by connecting them to Dynamics 365. (This integration is available only for Dynamics 365 Online deployments and requires SharePoint integration).


Image result for power bi logo  Microsoft Power BI with Dynamics 365

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization or embed them in your app or website. Power BI can be connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to operate as a self-service analytics solution. It automatically refreshes the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) data displayed. With Power BI, you’ll have insight into your customers’ business history and learn how to improve your processes using its cloud-based business intelligence and analytics service. Use data from Dynamics 365, analyze it, and format the data using powerful visuals on Power BI for sales and performance forecasts. You can connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.


Image result for microsoft teams logo  Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Teams is the place to manage your team’s conversations, files, and tools in one spot. Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration enables users to work easily with common customer data and share files directly. Your teams will be more productive, efficient, and effective.

The benefits of integrating Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are numerous. If you’d like to know more, contact our experts at BroadPoint.

By BroadPoint, www.broadpoint.net

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