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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface - Are you Ready?

Microsoft just announced that they are moving up the date for the required transition to the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface. What is the Unified Interface? If you don't know you are likely not prepared for this required transition and should take action right away! Dynamics 365 has two user interfaces, the classic web interface and the newer unified interface. The unified interface is a much more modern and in our opinion user-friendly interface. The unified interface is now shared across devices (browser, mobile, etc) so the application looks the same regardless of the device.

For a refresher, read our previous blog Microsoft Requiring Dynamics 365 Users to Migrate to the Unified Interface

In previous communications from Microsoft, they stated that the required transition date would be October 2020 however we are seeing transition dates much sooner, some happening in January!

How does this required transition impact users of Dynamics 365? Minimally users will log in and have a new interface so we recommend some training ahead of the transition. Beyond that, there have been features that were deprecated or are otherwise not yet fully functional in the unified interface. Finally, your unique customizations and configurations need to be reviewed and tested for compatibility with the unified interface.

To determine your transition date contact us we will walk you through a process to determine your transition date and assist in delaying it for up to 60 days.

We offer a fixed-cost service to assess your system and identify compatibility and usability issues. You receive a report on any issues found, the impact of each issue and approximate cost to address each issue.

Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Review

About the Author: David Buggy is a veteran of the CRM industry with 18 years of experience helping businesses transform by leveraging Customer Relationship Management technology. He has over 16 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and has helped hundreds of businesses plan, implement and support CRM initiatives. To reach David or call 844.8.STRAVA (844.878.7282) To learn more about Strava Technology Group visit www.stravatechgroup.com


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