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With a bank on every corner, and even in supermarkets, smart bankers are looking for ways to earn customers, increase revenue, scale down expenses, and remain competitive. Making wise use of technology is a good way to achieve these objectives.

Microsoft Dynamics has long been at the forefront of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) development. Crowe CRM for Banking, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, could be exactly the bank CRM software you need to propel your digital transformation.

Why Crowe CRM for Banking?

Your bank’s most valuable asset is your customers. Without them, you’d be out of business. Prioritizing customer experience is not just a good idea; it’s vital for continued success. Keep your customers happy, and they will repay you with their business and with referrals that can help grow your business.

To serve your customers, you have to know more than how much money they have in your bank. Crowe CRM for Banking, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, gives you a true 360-degree view of each customer with visibility to all customer touch points throughout the bank and actionable insights for improving the customer experience

Know your customers

Crowe CRM for Banking uses personalized dashboards to provide instant visibility into the data most important to you. A quick overview of opened and closed accounts helps you evaluate branch activity. Finer detail is available as you drill down.

For instance: How did your customers open their accounts? Were they walk-ins? Referrals? Did they find your website? Do they prefer to bank in person, online, or by phone? These details could prove valuable in your goal of fully understanding your customers.

What other insights can you gather with Crowe CRM for Banking?

  • Deposits against performance goals shows not only the growth of new accounts but also the volume and type of accounts, a key performance indicator of your bank’s health.
  • Managing expenses and bank revenue against the budget provides real time insights into your bank's operating profit.
  • Measuring referrals shows how successful branch employees are at cross-selling other bank offerings.
  • Operational dashboards provide a personalized workplace unique to an employee’s need for planning and managing their activities and tasks: upcoming phone calls or appointments, work items created by automated process flows, and other performance indicators such as customer referrals.
  • Sales dashboards allow insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and your sales pipeline when it comes to winning new business.
  • Navigating through Crowe CRM for Banking is very easy because all of the main areas of the system can be accessed from the main menu.
  • The 'active accounts' list view is always accessible. Locate your customer’s name, click to open their account record, and all the information you need is there.
  • The account form provides a wealth of client information on a single screen.
  • The summary tab displays your customer’s profile, including a financial summary, a timeline of interactions, and insights providing targeted intelligence.
  • The relationship assistant signals actionable alerts regarding important upcoming events, tasks, and other to do's.
  • Connections provide company contact information, as well as which bank employee is managing each relationship, and in what capacity.
  • Bank products shows a history of all products and services that have been offered and accepted by each customer.
  • The 'sales and support' tab allows you to create and manage upcoming activities, sales opportunities, and any support cases related to each account.
  • Operational work items allows you to submit and manage workflows such as address changes, ACH transactions, and any other customer requests that require processing.
  • The profile tab gives you a place to add additional details and history that may prove useful.

Crowe CRM for Banking’s user interface is simple to navigate and provides an abundance of easily viewed information.

  • LinkedIn integration allows you to view your customer’s LinkedIn profile for key insights that might help build rapport and personalize your conversations.
  • The icebreakers tab shows the customer's highlights, shared posts, and published articles. Familiarity with your customers’ areas of interest will give you great ideas for conversation starters.
  • The get introduced tab provides an opportunity to contact people in your contacts’ networks and their connections, simply by asking for an introduction.
  • The related leads tab shows the recommended potential leads who have worked for the same company and have similar characteristics as your connection.

Crowe CRM for Banking with Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps banks overcome strategic challenges.  It helps establish a customer-centric business model, so banks can better anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver personalized service. It reduces the risk and consequences of human error by automating complex business processes. It increases bank productivity by reducing repetitive, time-consuming tasks. It provides the insights needed to increase sales with a proactive and data-driven sales and marketing strategy.

Watch the Crowe CRM for Banking overview video:

If you're interested in learning more about what Crowe CRM for Banking and Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer, contact our experts at Crowe.

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