Copy Only Related Dynamics 365 CRM records from another record

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Clone Dynamics 365 CRM Records

Cloning records is one of the most popular application on Dynamics 365 CRM data. Although complex, it provides the best possible outcome when it comes to dealing with bulk data. For this reason, Click2Clone was introduced to simplify data cloning, and thus saving the organization from exhausting its workforce and finance. In our previous post we saw how cloning records in various modes viz. deep cloning, automation of cloning, etc. can maneuver your planning and strategy in a complete new direction.

In this post we are going to explore how with the help of one major functionality, i.e. copying only related records from another record, can take your business to another level. As large scale businesses have plethora of data and thus copying one element of a record from another record can prove to be tedious for your business. For this Click2Clone allows you to get only related records from another record for e.g. emails, products, etc.

Let’s explore how the copying of data is done. Suppose you have Opportunity A with four product line items and Opportunity B with two line items. Opportunity B needs to fetch the line items of Opportunity A. Now in this case if the data is added manually for every line item it will become a tedious task. Therefore, it is an optimal solution that the related record is simply copied from one record to another record for same entity as shown in the image.

Copy Dynamics 365 CRM Records

So, what are the requisites of cloning data?


The templates can be created for desired relationships for a single entity using which copying of related records is done for one record to another within same entity.


Relationship can be selected from the entity template which needs to be copied.

Source Record

Source record needs to be determined from which the related records are fetched.

With this the task of cloning related records is simplified. Now, what is the benefit of copying only related records from another record? Here is why:

Overall time effective

It proves to a major time saving strategy if copying of related records is made possible in same entity. Product line items can be easily plotted and therefore the time can be used in other productive tasks.

Data Integrity maintained

Since the data is not manually entered and is copied as is, the room for error is minimal and there is no loss of data.

Unique Templates

With unique templates the data can be copied distinctly depending on the relation to be copied.

Business Cycle Revamped

There is an effective and visible improvement in the business output as the strategizing is improved.

Thus, this gives an overall newer structure where business is redefined and there is an evident change in how the business was applied earlier.

1-Click app Click2Clone (Microsoft Preferred App on AppSource) clones Dynamics 365 records in just a single click without any complexity. It can be achieved without creating plugins or workflows manually. Clone one Entity record to another entity along with relationships and also copy only related records within same entity. Carry deep links or hierarchical relationships for both 1:N and N:N relationships and clone multiple records in just a single click. These features enhance Dynamics 365 CRM user productivity further resulting in increased ROI.

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