5 Ways Mobile Software Increases Field Efficiency

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The goal of any field service company is to be as resourceful as possible, which proves more challenging when technicians don't have access to a mobile device. Without a connected mobile device, technicians are wasting resources by dealing with unnecessary customer issues or traveling between the office to the client. If a team of 12 field technicians who work 250 days a year could guarantee one new service call per day, that would equal 3000 additional service orders worked per year.


Compared to other business models, running a field service organization can be especially challenging. In addition to the financial, customer service and administrative tasks involved with running a business, you also need to manage field service technicians, keep track of schedules and equipment, and ensure your organization continues to deliver fast, efficient and effective service to your customers. Here are 5 ways connected mobile software improves field efficiency and productivity:


Integrated Inventory Management

With integrated inventory management, technicians are not manually entering pieces every time they have to build an invoice. Field technicians can view stock levels at “warehouse locations”, mark inventory items as “allocated” at the time the Work Order is created, receive a warning when placing a Work Order for out-of-stock items and more.  It also helps to ensure that technicians have what they need for each service call, resulting in greater first call resolution and more satisfied customers.


Effortless Time Tracking

With the click of a button, technicians can let the office know where they are and what their status is. Through their mobile device, techs can easily set their position as arrived, in progress, or done. Their time automatically synchronizes to the back office making payroll a breeze. With mobile capabilities such as time sheet input based on clock-in/clock-out, task status and more, tedious and error-prone time entries are eliminated, opening up time for additional work while freeing field professionals from administrative chores.


Smart Scheduling

Automated scheduling and dispatch together with a connected mobile device create a two-way connection between schedulers and technicians. Technicians can update their status so dispatchers see their availability and know the right person to schedule for each job. Technicians receive job details, addresses, and service information on their mobile device. Since many service organizations receive dozens of calls per day, saving as little as five seconds per call adds up to thousands of dollars per year.


Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

An end-to-end field service software will ensure that once data is entered, it's instantly synched across the company. The software connects your field service technicians to the back office, dispatch teams, and management to eliminate duplicate data entry and enable seamless data sharing.  A connected mobile allows the technician to enter data once and eliminate thousands of man-hours of duplicate entry and re-keying errors.


Turn your Techs into Salespeople

Technicians that are approached by a customers for a quote on a new job or a new piece of equipment that needs servicethat are approached by a customer for a quote on a new job or a new piece of equipment can now communicate this to the sales team through their mobile device. Don’t throw away money that’s already in your pocket with lost paperwork, forgotten emails, and missed opportunities. With a powerful, cohesive mobile tool, your team can turn quotes around in hours instead of days.


Technology is propelling the field service industry in a new direction. How quickly and efficiently you implement these technologies and processes into your business practices will determine how productive your technicians are, how profitable you become and how satisfied your customers are. Contact FIELDBOSS or request a demo to see how mobile software can save your field service company time and money.


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