5 Frequently Asked Questions by Dynamics 365 Users and Sysadmins

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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 family keeps growing. Maybe it is because of its growth, maybe it is because of its general complexity, the fact is that all sorts of different questions on Dynamics 365  keep coming up, by both users and sysadmins.

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions on Dynamics 365, with my view on them and some articles and videos for you to explore further.

1 - How can I reduce costs?

In general, Microsoft Dynamics 365 costs can be split into

  • Software licenses
  • Hardware
  • Cloud storage, portals and other add-ons
  • Experts and other hires for Implementation and Customization
  • Training and onboarding

If you opt for a SaaS version of Dynamics 365, I would say cloud storage will be a significant percentage of your costs. Although Dynamics 365 storage is, in fact, less expensive than its competitors, storage is the best area to cut on costs and actually get a better solution in the end. Do read on.

What can I do to Reduce my Dynamics 365 Storage Costs?


2 - How can I increase Dynamics 365 security?

As long as you initially set up the proper security roles in Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics security should not be a big issue. But you need to be aware of security issues that affect some integrations, namely with Microsoft SharePoint. Did you know Dynamics privileges do not automatically convert into SharePoint permissions? Here is all the info you need on that.

Dynamics 365 storage security

What About Security between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint?

What You Need to Know If You Store Your CRM Documents in SharePoint

Dynamics 365 and SharePoint: 3 Ways to Replicate Permissions Structure

If data integrity and the authenticity of documents and processes is what concerns you, there are new solutions for that which are quite easy to implement

Seal Documents in Dynamics 365 with Blockchain for Data Integrity

What happened to CRM user satisfaction?

[VIDEO] Document Sealing with Blockchain and Smart Stamps to Prove Authenticity and Timestamp Independently


3 - How can I increase team collaboration?

"No man is an island", they say. The truth is that you can get very interesting results if you get a whole team collaborating rather than having each single individual work with Dynamics on their own. Want to know more?

Dynamics 365: How to Increase Team Collaboration and Keep System’s Health

Here are the 5 Best New Features of Dynamics 365 Arrived this Year


4 - How can I do an integration of Dynamics 365 and other software?

If "No man is an island", it is also true that no software is an island. Today's world is a connected and integrated world.

It is good that it is so, as you certainly can get interesting features and synergies by integrating Dynamics 365 with other software (Microsoft or not). If this is something you would like to explore, check out

How to Integrate Dynamics 365 with Any Software for Live Data

Connecting a Legacy System to Dynamics 365

Why Dynamics 365 Integration is so Complex

Why Use an Integration Platform for CRM Needs?


5 - How can I develop successful software around Dynamics 365?

If you want to take it one step further and develop software around Microsoft Dynamics 365, here is a bit of the Connecting Software experience:

The Birth of a Best-Selling Software

Creating Software for D365 that Everyone Needs: Lessons Learned


Ana Neto - Connecting Software

By Ana Neto, Connecting Software, a producer of integration and synchronization solutions. Connecting Software is a 15-year-old company, with 40 employees spread in 4 different countries. We specialize in making software work together. Our goal is that everyone in your company can feel the software they use is their ally. 


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