Who Will Be Your Company's CRM Guru?

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When acquiring a CRM system, as with any change management, it is important that your organization select someone to lead the project and facilitate adjustments (and compliance) across all levels of operation. We affectionately like to refer to this leader as your organization’s CRM Guru – a key figure who is essential to successfully transitioning your business to the new platform and who acts as the point person overseeing the implementation and training processes. Your CRM Guru will also help management assess how well your employees are adopting and using this technology.

But who’s the right person for the job? The following are a few qualities to look for in your CRM guru.

Someone Who Is Open to New Ideas and Deserving of Special Recognition

The CRM Guru position is one of leadership and responsibility - and thus establishes gravitas and an impressive path for career advancement. You want to look for someone with management skills, proven loyalty and innate comfort at the wheel of a new project.

Your ideal CRM Guru is also a person who exudes excitement in doing things differently – and the skills and desire to share that enthusiasm with others, as passion is contagious. Your CRM Guru needs to be the driven in their pursuit of a successful CRM implementation. They are folks who are collaborative, positive and invested in the wellbeing of the organizations.

Your CRM Guru Must Be a Deft Troubleshooter

Your CRM Guru must be an exceptional, fast on their feet problem solver. Seek out those who are at the ready to troubleshoot bumps and glitches as they surface, whether those problems are tech based, compliancy issues or pushback to cultural changes. Enlisting a tech-savvy leader eager to dive deep into the new technology is crucial, as is their ability to administer attention and care to their fellow employees during this major transition.

A Person Rooted In Process

Process is everything in successful CRM implementations, so your Guru needs to have a firm grasp of company procedures, desired benchmarks and organizational goals. They should become ardent students of Microsoft Dynamics to such a degree that they can teach and preach best practices across the organization.

Your Guru should possess an acute eye related to the data captured at key points in the customer life cycle and their broad-based Dynamics CRM knowledge will help your them evaluate CRM effectiveness and initiate changes where necessary. To learn more about rooting CRM into your business processes click here.

Managing Employee Push Back

Change affects employees in different ways. Some embrace it while other fight it tooth and nail. Due to the relationship between CRM and user workflow, it is inevitable that your company will experience resistance during implementation. Your CRM Guru must be a positive yet persistent advocate of process compliancy and be willing to execute authority over changes in procedure.

Your Guru understands that CRM implementations are often major shifts for employees and that change can be frustrating; but they are also a committed and unrelenting supporter of the new systems and the positive effects they will have on business operations and processes. Your Guru should work closely with all departments to monitor CRM effectiveness and offer the support needed to thrive as an organization.

Your Trainer Should Be Trainable

The learning opportunities in CRM are truly endless and your CRM Guru will be tasked with leading employee training in new processes and technologies (as well as ongoing training for both seasoned employees and new hires) to ensure standardization, clarity and efficiency. Your Guru should stay abreast of Microsoft Dynamics updates and rollouts and act as a lookout for innovations that will enhance your organization. The Guru’s ability to analyze company processes and recognize advanced solutions will ensure your organization maintains an exceptional flow of business for years to come.

For more details about having a successful CRM implementation, call Empellor CRM at 303-482-2909 or visit our website. 

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