Understanding Your Business Process

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It’s simple. For a business system implementation to succeed, the focus (from the start!) must be on how the system supports, integrates with and enhances an organization’s business processes.

This statement supposes, perhaps ambitiously, that the business already has strongly defined business processes.

CRM Implementations Require Standardization

For many organizations, chaos often rules the day – or at the very least hobbles business growth – even after the best implementations.

Implementation success stands or falls almost entirely on the standardization of processes within the enterprise. A single department, team or individual going rogue on a process or best practice will inevitably create chaos. And if not corrected, the negative effects and aftermath are only compounded post-implementation.

Don’t fool yourself. Implementing new technology isn’t a guarantee that business will grow and processes will improve. Enterprise-wide adherence and commitment to user adoption are essential in successful implementations.

While new business systems can truly be a game changer, lack of user adoption can and will negate the technologies potential, making the expense of implementation almost impossible to justify.


The steps to implementation success are actually and remarkably straightforward - and begin long before the decision to start an implementation is made.

CRM experts are simply not doing their jobs if all they do is sell you the technology for your implementation. The best CRM consultants comprehensively analyze business operations, identify best practices, then standardize these best practices across the enterprise.

Standardization is truly the backbone of successful implementations. And most successful businesses have a tight rein on their processes with a deep understanding of what makes them work.


It is in the deep understanding of - and adherence to – organizational processes that enables the successful integration of a new business system like Dynamics CRM.  To maximize the benefit of a CRM implementation to your business, it is equally important that you possess both a deep understanding and commitment to your processes and an equally deep understanding of the pretty remarkable bells and whistles of Dynamics CRM.

Processes, best practices and ultimately successful implementations are reliant on a high-level dedication and support from the top levels of management. And no matter what anyone tries to tell you or sell you, successful implementation of Dynamics CRM always begins with process.

For more details about having a successful CRM implementation with the proper focus on Business Process, call Empellor CRM at303-482-2909 or visit our website. 

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