Recurring Billing Platform & Self Service Portal - Work 365 Version 2.7 Fall 2019 Release

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Work 365 helps companies grow and scale their recurring revenue with Subscription management and Billing Automation capabilities built on Dynamics 365.

Work 365 Version 2.7 addresses the core needs of business insights and self-service.  Recurring Revenue and Subscription-based sales happen as a series of collective events that take place as customers stay engaged with a service provider.

The customer may start with one service and then continue to grow their engagement both through their own organic needs and through the expanded service offerings. This release addresses some of these needs by delivering better customer engagement through the self-service portal capabilities and with the Analytics and reporting capabilities that surface customer insights.

Work 365 version 2.7  features  

  • Brand New UI to match the UCI interface
  • Enhancements to the Self-Service portal solution 
  • Non-Recurring Billing Contract Changes  
  • Enhanced Agreement Templates and Billing Contracts  
  • Customer Agreements to support the Microsoft CSP requirements  
  • New Integrations: TechDataQuickbooks Desktop 


New Version 2.7 Enables Partners to add non-recurring items to their recurring billing contracts. 

Non-Recurring Billing Contracts are no longer required to invoice Non-Recurring Items. Non-Recurring items can now be added to Regular Billing ContractsNRIs that are added to regular Recurring billing contracts are billed as part of the regular invoicing cycle of the Billing Contract that it is added to.  

The main difference between recurring billing contracts and non-recurring billing contracts is, if you include an NRI in a regular billing contract, the NRI will be included in the next invoice that is generated; NRIs within non-recurring billing contracts, however, are invoiced the next dayNon-recurring billing contracts can still be used for NRIshowever, this change provides more flexibility for partners to decide how they would like to manage the billing for NRIsFor resources on these items refer to: 


Some of the screenshots of recurring and non-recurring billing contracts and items.

billing contracts recurring revenue




Non-recurring items

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By Ismail Nalwala (contact me)

I am a Dynamics 365 enthusiast. I enjoy building systems and working with cross-functional teams to solve problems and build processes from lead generation to cash collection. Work 365 is a global developer of the Billing Automation and subscription application for Dynamics. Helping companies to streamline business processes and scale their recurring revenue.


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