How Manual Processes in Your Business Can Be Hindering Your Growth

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Recurring Revenue and Subscription sales involve a significant change in the way a business sells and collects revenue.

As you first start with Subscription-based sales and recurring revenue its more than likely that the tools and processes are not known and the excel is what you are likely to use to keep things simple. Subscription-based sales by their inherent nature are smaller sized sales! However successful subscription-based businesses are not small!

The important thing with subscription-based sales is that they are smaller bills over longer periods of time and over larger volumes of customers!

Subscription-based businesses only survive, thrive and grow through customer acquisition, customer retention and growth from their existing customer base while simultaneously continuing to acquire new customers. Once you get the grasp of this the only way to build a successful Recurring, subscription-based business is through automation and the deployment of the right tools for your internal teams and your customers.

Humans are error-prone and they don’t want to do repetitive tasks. No matter what kind of safeguards are in place, expensive mistakes are likely to happen as you scale and grow. Automated processes for billing, subscription management and invoicing are the foundational elements to grow a Subscription-based business model through recurring revenue.


How Work 365 Helps you Growth:

  • All subscription data including the number of licenses, custom bundles of services and products, discounts, billing and payment information, billing terms, etc. are all in one place using Dynamics
  • Provisioning can be automated with Cloud Providers like Microsoft through Partner Center or Distributors like TechData and Synnex.
  • Automated Billing- helps with creating, sending and collecting cash for invoices that are accurate every single time whether a customer is paying monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Self-Service for your end customers allows them to see all their purchased services, billing history and most importantly adjust quantities of existing services and purchase new services!


Work 365 synchronizes, coordinates and automates.

See how Work 365 integrates with accounting systems like Quickbooks or how Work 365 helps manage customer credit in recurring billing.

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By Ismail Nalwala (contact me)

I am a Dynamics 365 enthusiast. I enjoy building systems and working with cross-functional teams to solve problems and build processes from lead generation to cash collection. Work 365 is a global developer of the Billing Automation and subscription application for Dynamics. Helping companies to streamline business processes and scale their recurring revenue.


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