Getting Buy-In from Users: Make It Personal

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A new CRM implementation creates wonderful opportunity for positive change and growth within your organization; but successful implementations are as dependent on user adoption and satisfaction as they are the actual technology.

It is thus important to individually reach out to every member of your team to get a sense of how the CRM implementation has gone for them and discover any bumps along the way. Communication like this offers valuable insight into the transition and adoption, and is a perfect starting point for meaningful support and employee training.

Do We Really Need to Meet Individually?

The short answer is yes.

By reaching out to employees in the first few days of going live, you have an invaluable opportunity to guide the culture change and positively affect employee buy-in. By speaking one-on-one, your employees are better equipped to pose questions and express concerns that they may not be comfortable expressing in a group environment.

Personalized support ensures that every user is given the guidance they need to comply with best practices and processes based on their unique needs and that they are empowered with the knowledge needed to make the big changes happen.

Mistakes Happen – Be Patient

Learning new processes often takes a little time. In the days following implementation, some employees may require additional training.

As new processes and new CRM technologies often need to be learned in tandem, a learning curve amongst your team should be expected. Be patient with employees and provide them with support resources.

Be consistent and repetitive in reinforcing routines and best practices – and understand that it may take some users a few weeks to adjust to the new normal.

Who Needs More Training?

Follow up is essential in the first few days after CRM implementation. Allowing a little time to “play in the sandbox” gives users a hands-on understanding of the new processes and technologies, after which they likely have a better idea of the issues they are encountering or the training they still need.

No two users are alike, and each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses in approaching this new technology, so while some might be up and running in no time, others might need a little more support in adjusting to new interfaces and systems.

This is all completely normal; just be sure to take time to know who needs more training and discern the best course of action for further training materials or workshops.

Long-term Confidence and Trust

It’s a good idea to plan an all-team follow up a few months down the post-implementation line, to assess the success of user adoption and mastery of the new CRM. Reference your notes from those initial employee meetings to demonstrate progress and to celebrate adoption milestones; perhaps challenge your CRM users to pinpoint opportunities for growth.

By letting your employees know that their personal experience with the technology matters and that they are supported in their ongoing mastery of your systems and processes, they will likely appreciate that you are supporting them thorough the changes and that you value their feedback and efforts.

For more details about bolstering your employees and driving user adoption during your CRM implementation, call Empellor CRM at 303-482-2909 or visit our website. 

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