5 Strategies for Digital Transformation in Banking – Strategy 3

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There are 5 strategies banks can use to overcome challenges with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Strategy 3: Optimize the opportunity management process with a more relevant approach

Every bank and credit union has customer acquisition as a top priority.

Meet customers and prospects where they are – and set goals for sales, service, and retention

Banks must segment, profile, and track leads reliably to optimize customer acquisition strategies across all channels.

Strengthening the customer experience starts with sales and onboarding.

How Dynamics 365 can help: Utilize networks, identify the best targets, and proactively manage the sales and service process

To generate the best leads, banks must interact with customers in their centers of influence. Communicate with customers effectively by leveraging multiple channels, including social media. Multichannel marketing campaigns and networking integrations with LinkedIn provide the ability to reach customers with the products they want in the manner they want.

Crowe CRM for Banking allows you to provide proactive, personalized offers based on in-depth analysis and customer insights. Leads are scored and prioritized, which helps focus your resources on those most likely to close.

Streamlining and managing the sales cycle aids in delivering timely, responsive customer proposals and can shorten sales cycles.

Having a holistic view of the customer enables cross-departmental collaboration, which can improve team selling and win rates. Posting to the customer timeline allows for additional collaboration opportunities.

Only 31 percent of consumers think their financial institutions know them and their needs well.

Source: The Financial Brand

The relationship assistant feature facilitates push notifications, including guided selling processes. For example, if a customer meets the profile for a new credit card, the relationship assistant brings that to the attention of the staff, who can then initiate the sales process with talk tracks to propose a new card to the customer.

11 percent of consumers left their bank in the past year – and switching to virtual banks is at double-digit levels.

Source: Accenture

Interested in more strategies? Download the full white paper: 5 Ways Banks Overcome Strategic Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn how banks can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help improve the customer experience, streamline processes, optimize opportunity management, build relationships, and modernize lead generation.

Crowe CRM for Banking

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By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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