4 Tips to Strengthen Your CRM Communication Plan

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CRM implementations and upgrades can be an exciting but sometimes challenging time within an organization. Change simply isn’t likely an easy pill to swallow for some within your business, so communicating those CRM changes should be transparent and tactful.

Sharing this information with your company is central to the Change Management process that commonly takes place during CRM implementations and relaying that information is best offered early and with as much exacting detail as possible.

Here are four ways we believe will help you design and hone your communication strategy during this significant and exciting transition:

1. Share Your Mission

It is imperative that changes come from the top level of your organization and that employees are presented with a clear understanding of the main drivers for your business in adopting a CRM.

Explain to your team your business goals with as much detail as possible. What are your intentions? Do you want to develop more data about your customer base? Are you aiming at being better organized in your sales cycle? Are you preparing for a more streamlined process as it perhaps relates to a new marketing campaign?

It is important for your team to have an understanding of your goals and how the technology will support those goals. Giving them insight into the processes and the reasons behind them will help them visualize how CRM fits into the larger picture.

2. Illustrate the Game Plan

Providing employees with all pertinent information about the implementation process is paramount to the ultimate success of the project. Most people tend to appreciate knowing an implementation timeline.

Sharing these expectations tends to reduce pushback and frustrations - and helps to keep both the process and your people on track. Employees generally are more accepting of new technology when the launch is well thought out and on the calendar.

Knowing when they will receive training on the new technology, when the system will go live, and what to expect during the learning curve are all valuable information that you should share with your team.

This is also an ideal time to introduce your CRM Guru as the implementation project manager and point person who will be an invaluable resource for your personnel.

3. Take the Initiative

Taking a proactive approach in communicating with your workforce allows for greater clarity throughout the entire implementation. During the implementation process, expect and notice the telltales of some people’s resistance to change.

Those who appear to be disgruntled on the surface may simply lack comfort at this early stage and not fully understand the positive impacts of CRM. Nervousness about working with new technology is common, as are concerns about support throughout the process.

Set the standard for communication by addressing and alleviating employee concerns as they arise. Your team will feel acknowledged and the process will progress much more smoothly.

Communication is everything in CRM implementations, so take the time to assess your communication style and determine whether it is yielding the buy in that you desire.

4. Keep Communication a Conversation

It is important that your employees understand that communication is a two-way street. Workers should feel comfortable asking questions and working together to resolve concerns. Consider scheduling regular communications that can aid in user adoption, like video updates or weekly project newsletters.

Also consider scheduling quarterly meetings with your entire staff and/or setting up an online forum to address issues in real time.

Leveraging multiple media channels encourages your staff to actively engage in the conversation in the way that makes most sense to them. Regardless of the channel, be consistent in your outreach so workers are kept up to date and you continue to present the implementation process as a collaborative effort.

For more details about bolstering your employees and driving user adoption during your CRM implementation, call Empellor CRM at 303-482-2909 or visit our website. 

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