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When considering whether and how to use CRM, a tailored Dynamics 365 demo with specialist CRM consultants can save you hours.

Demos can be helpful if you are assessing whether to adopt Dynamics 365, or if you are already using the technology but wish to adapt additional applications now or in the future.

A demo to help you understand features and benefits

This type of demo is a fantastic tool in the early stages when you are considering adopting Dynamics 365 for the first time, or when you are just beginning to scope the potential value of additional applications for an existing system. It uses generic data so will not draw on your organisation’s data, nor reflect your organisation’s specific working practices.

However, it will show you the full capability of each Dynamics 365 application and is the quickest and simplest way to see the technology in action.

The live demo alternative

The Sandbox demo is another option you may wish to consider. In essence, this is a replica of your site which can be adapted with the additional product features you wish to review.

The Sandbox is a live environment but separate from your main site, so it’s a safe place for development of a proof of concept and testing.

One of the main benefits with Sandbox Dynamics 365 demos is that they are more closely aligned with your incumbent live system, so will reflect how your organisation uses Dynamics 365.

Setting up a Sandbox demo is a little more involved, but it does have the advantage of using real data and reflecting your current or desired business processes.

Arranging Dynamics 365 demos

Please get in touch to discuss arranging a Dynamics 365 demo. CRM demos can take place at your premises or via video link.  Our CRM consultants can help you define the objectives to ensure you get the maximum benefit and are properly able to assess the value to your organisation.

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