NetHope: Connecting Nonprofits with Microsoft Technology Partners

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NetHope Helps Nonprofits Reach Their Goals by Connecting Them with Microsoft Technology Partners

Last month, NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit had an exciting announcement for nonprofit organizations all around the world -- and we’re thrilled to be sharing it here. But first, what is NetHope? And why are those of us here at AKA Enterprise Solutions so happy to be involved in their work?


Comprised of 56 different nonprofit organizations, NetHope helps nonprofits reach their goals and create positive change through the use of appropriate technology. Nonprofit organizations often have unique needs when it comes to tech solutions. With this in mind, NetHope links funding partners and technology companies who work together to offer innovative tech solutions for nonprofits. AKA is honored to be a part of NetHope’s mission of connecting nonprofits with the technology they need.


Back in 2017, NetHope created the Center for the Digital Nonprofit. This exciting new initiative was launched in order to bring together the practical experience of nonprofit organizations alongside the technical expertise of leading tech companies. The result is a global network of organizations with the ability to create large scale, forward-thinking changes in a variety of areas, including global development, conservation, and more. The Center for the Digital Nonprofit includes three different areas of focus: Technology, People, and Process. By offering tools and guidance in these areas to nonprofits and giving them the resources they need, The Center makes digital transformation a reality for organizations around the globe.


NetHope’s IDEA Journey

NetHope launched the IDEA Journey (Imagine, Design, Execute, and Assess) with the help of Microsoft and five technology partners, including AKA Enterprise Solutions.


Since 2018, AKA has worked alongside The Carter Center, an international organization which works to provide humanitarian aid and advocate for human rights. Our goal? To help The Carter Center achieve a digital transformation, making their work even more effective worldwide.


As an IDEA Program partner, AKA will be at the upcoming NetHope 2019 Global Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, AKA Enterprise Solutions CEO, Alan Kahn, will take part in a discussion panel related to launch of the IDEA Program.


NetHope’s Digital Nonprofit Ability (DNA) Assessment 

All of this brings us full circle back to the exciting news from NetHope. Just this past week, NetHope announced that their DigitalNonprofit Ability™ (DNA) Assessment -- which was previously only available to NetHope members -- is now available to any nonprofit, anywhere on the planet. NetHope’s DNA Assessment is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations that are looking to undergo a digital transformation. Through the use of an online survey, the DNA Assessment gives nonprofits important benchmark measurements of their various strengths and weaknesses across six essential categories. With this knowledge in hand, nonprofits can approach their digital transformation more effectively.




Achieve Digital Transformation with AKA Enterprise Solutions

Is your nonprofit organization looking to achieve digital transformation? At AKA, we have extensive experience helping nonprofits reach their goals with the use of appropriate technology. Technology is what drives global change, and we’re proud to help nonprofits gain access to the solutions they need. Read more about what AKA has to offer, and contact us to learn how we can help your organization.


Want to find out more? Watch the video below to learn about how AKA is helping nonprofits reach their goals:


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