Microsoft Requiring Dynamics 365 Users to Migrate to the Unified Interface

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Microsoft is requiring all Dynamics 365 Online users to migrate to the Unified Interface in 2020.

By 2020 Microsoft Requiring Dynamics 365 Users to Migrate to the Unified Interface. The Unified Interface is a far superior user interface that is modern, unified across all devices (desktop, mobile & tablet) and makes the system easier to use.




Did you know there are two user interfaces for Dynamics 365?

Classic Web Interface:













Unified Interface










There are several legacy web capabilities that are being removed from the product altogether, examples include - Process dialogs and Task Flows.

For full information on the Unified Interface CLICK HERE

There are many benefits to the Unified Interface, overall it is a far superior interface in just about every way.

Impact to Dynamics 365 users - Every Dynamics 365 system using the legacy web interface needs to be reviewed to assess any compatibility issues well in advance of migrating to the Unified Interface.

We offer a review service to assess your system and identify compatibility and usability issues. You receive a report on any issues found, the impact of each issue and approximate cost to address each issue.

Due to the number of clients this is affecting, we are experiencing a high demand for reviews. We strongly suggest you book your review now!









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