How the Right CRM System Helps Banks Identify Star Employees

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How good are your team members at referring customers to other services offered by your bank to expand your “share of wallet”?

With the right CRM system, you can run activity reports based on employees. You can see how many referrals they have attempted to make, if the prospects were qualified or not, and if the referral resulted in additional revenue to the bank.  This can be especially helpful during an employee’s annual review.

A low score on these activities can highlight the need for additional training or an updated incentive plan. It can also spotlight those few employees who are performing far above the others.

For example, if your bank has one hundred tellers, there may be five that really stand out as doing more than the others. You can single them out for commendation, give them additional responsibility, or promote them to a higher position.

The same analysis can be used for all departments.  Is the sales team cross-referring to other departments? Are the commercial lenders sending anything into investments and back to the bank? You can easily see who are the givers and not just the takers.

The Right CRM System for Banking

A well-defined and executed customer relationship management (CRM) strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at its center can help banks focus on imperatives such as increased customer acquisition, better customer engagement, and improved efficiency and revenue.

Crowe works with 1,800 financial services organizations across the country, including more than two-thirds of the top 100 U.S. banks.

Crowe CRM for Banking, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowers bank staff with the tools and information needed to efficiently deliver high-quality, personalized service - for all interactions, across all channels. It gives managers and team members the information they need to be effective.

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By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner,


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