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Map Dynamics CRM

Maps integration with Dynamics 365 CRM enables geocoding of CRM data thereby locating their latitude and longitude and their exact location. These properties can be leveraged by organizations to empower their Sales and Service representatives and bring a holistic improvement in their market presence. Various features that Map integration helps with are:


To plot Dynamics 365 CRM data on Maps it is essential that the geographical insights are accurately mined from the data. For this, it is important to geocode the data with Maps Services i.e. extract the latitude and longitude of Dynamics 365 CRM data to locate it and subsequently plot on the map with pushpins using any icon.

Radius Search

Mapping Dynamics 365 CRM data accurately on a map is the first step toward meticulous analysis and decision-making. With Maps Services, Enterprises are able to look for stakeholders in a defined radius and strategize accordingly.

Locational Marketing

After an organization has a clear picture of its prospects and clients on the map, it can target locations with marketing campaigns for client acquisition and deliver quality services to existing clients.

Appointment Planning


In order to acquire clients or retain existing ones, Sales and Service field representatives need to be on their toes while meeting appointments and Maps helps Dynamics 365 CRM users achieve this seamlessly.


With Maps integration, Dynamics 365 CRM users can not just plan multiple appointments but also auto-schedule them and provide optimized routing with turn-by-turn navigation to Google Maps and Waze App for meeting these appointments in time.

Territory Management

Using Maps and its rich and interactive UI, Enterprises can easily create Sales territories out of geographies. These territories are assigned to representatives who are dedicated to improving productivity for their territory and thus improve the efficiency of the entire area holistically.

Heat Maps

Maps help in analyzing data based on revenue, leads, or as per industry with Pie-Charts and Column-Charts using Heat Maps with or without boundary in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Census Data

Census Data can also be plotted on map or organizations can use their own Census Data in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Shape File Integration

One of the prominent ways Dynamics 365 CRM users find Maps useful is by allowing organizations to overlay Dynamics data as well as the metadata included over the geographical boundaries defined by the shape.

Maplytics is a geo-analytical app that transforms businesses with geospatial visualization, optimized routing, and location analytics. It is rated as a Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource. Maplytics integrates Dynamics 365 CRM with Bing Maps to plot, plan, and analyze Dynamics 365 CRM data on the map. Prominent features like Territory Management, Radius Search, Appointment Planner, Optimized Routing, Shape File Integration, and turn-by-turn integration with the Waze App, Google Maps, and Apple Maps help in providing in-depth location insights and improving the Area of Service of organizations

For a free trial download the solution from Microsoft AppSource or Maplytics Website.

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