Creating PDF Quotes in Dynamics 365

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Aaron Back, MCSE

Dynamics 365 has had a lot of great functionality added within the last few months. So, Microsoft has a whole site dedicated to documentation. I would recommend that you review this site to assist you with Dynamics 365.

The reason for mentioning this site is that buried in there is a great little nugget of "Create a quote PDF":

NOTE: You will need to be on Dynamics 365 version 9.0.1905.2010 or greater. If you have the October 2019 update installed, this feature is automatically enabled.

But, you may be asking, "How do I get this feature?". Well, I'm glad you asked!

Setting up the "Create a Quote PDF" feature in Dynamics 365

The first thing to understand is that you need to be using the Unified Interface. The new feature is not available is the Classic UI.

Now, to get to the settings, you need to click on the toggle option in the lower left corner of the "Sales Hub" app.
Dynamics 365 Sales App - toggle button - Sales

Next, select the "App Settings" option from the toggle menu.
Dynamics 365 Sales App - toggle button - Choose settings

You will see the "PDF Generation" option listed in the "App Settings" menu.
Dynamics 365 Sales App - Settings - PDF Generation option

Lastly, you need to toggle the setting to "Enabled" and save the setting.
Dynamics 365 Sales App - Settings - PDF Generation option enabled

Dynamics 365 Word Templates

You may be wondering why this topic is included in this post. But, when you attempt to generate the PDF for the quote, Dynamics 365 Word Templates are used. So, you will need to ensure you have Word Templates set up for your Quotes entity.
Dynamics 365 Word Templates for Quote entity

I will not go into how to create Word Templates. For more information on this topic, please reference this article:

Generating the PDF for the Dynamics 365 Quote

Now that you have the PDF Settings enabled and the Word Templates set up for the Quotes entity, you can generate the PDF. First, navigate to a Quote record and open it. You will see 2 new menu buttons on the command bar called "Create PDF" and "Email as PDF".
Dynamics 365 Sales App - PDF Buttons on Quote

Second, click the "Create PDF" button or the "Email as PDF" button. A menu will appear with the Quote Word Templates listed.
Dynamics 365 Sales App - PDF Buttons - Create PDF options

You will now see an "Exporting to PDF" message while the PDF is being generated.
Dynamics 365 - Create PDF - Exporting to PDF

After this message disappears, you will be prompted with the standard Windows Explorer to choose a save location. Once you save the PDF, you will see a PDF file something like the two below examples.

Example 1
Dynamics 365 - Create PDF - Example 1

Example 2

Emailing the PDF Quote from Dynamics 365

The next option you can utilize is the "Email as PDF". The "Email as PDF" button menu will present the same options as the "Create PDF". After you choose a Word Template, the PDF will be generated and a new Email Activity will appear.

There are a few things to note about the Email Activity.
1) The Email Activity is Regarding the Quote
2) The PDF is attached.
3) You can insert an Email Template for your Subject and Body (message).
Dynamics 365 - Email PDF - Example 1

Lastly, you need to send the email.

In conclusion...

I think this is a great start for a feature that many people have wanted. However, I am hoping that other entities can be added under the "PDF Settings" screen. This could potentially allow you to pick and choose which entities to enable for PDF.

Until next time...

Aaron Back is Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) with many years' experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). He is actively involved with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 UG (D365UG) (User Group) Community. His involvement includes: Serving as Chapter Leader for his local D365UG Chapter, serving on the D365UG Board of Advisors, and speaking at the annual D365UG Summit conference.

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Rather than just building technology or implementing software, we deliver real business value through industry knowledge and understanding each client’s business. We make it our business to know your business.

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