Successful CPQ Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: 5 Key Factors

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CPQ Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

In April of 2019, Ariel Katz, General Manager, Dynamics 365 for Sales and Sales Insights, recommended that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales administrators explore partner apps to discover Configure-Price-Quote solutions that will “delight customers with fast turnaround times to consistently and accurately configure prices and quotes.” He goes on to say, “Configure-Price-Quote solutions are key components to enable organizations to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively, and win more deals.” (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog)

I’d like to provide you with five significant factors to consider as you evaluate various CPQ partner apps on AppSource. The Configure-Price-Quote features that matter most are those that make your job, and the work of your salespeople, easier. Many CPQ solutions simply configure pricing and produce accurate quotes; these are the nuts and bolts of any CPQ solution. But, look for value-added features that directly impact ROI to ensure the successful integration of CPQ with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

These high-impact features mean the difference between a tool that simply increases productivity and one that helps sales teams ramp quickly, exceed their quotas, reduce the sales cycle, and increase revenue. 

5 Key Factors in CPQ Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ease of Setup

When evaluating new software, place a high value on the limited disruption of your team and workflow during set up and implementation. You need a CPQ that is quick and easy to set up and configure and doesn’t require a developer to write custom code. Place a high priority on seamless CPQ integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Ease of Use

A CPQ must simplify your sales process. If your sales team doesn’t like using it or refuses to use it, sales reps may end up manually performing tasks that could be accomplished by the CPQ, thus defeating the purpose. Look for a CPQ that is intuitive and includes features such as sales playbooks and preconfigured rules for pricing and discounting, which increase user adoption. There should be minimal training time required to train sales reps in using the CPQ.

Ease of Administration

One of the many benefits of CPQ is that it reduces and simplifies administrative tasks, thus saving time and increasing sales rep productivity. Managing the CPQ platform should be simple, so look for a tool that is easy to administer and maintain. Updating pricing, configuring new products and discounting rules should be accomplished with ease.

Meets Your Unique Requirements

There are a few standard CPQ features that are universal, but your sales organization will have specific requirements. A CPQ which not only produces accurate quotes, but also includes document generation, version control, and workflow and approval management will help streamline the sales process. Present your specific needs to CPQ vendors and make sure they can handle your requirements and that they will be able to scale as your business grows.

Quality of Support

You will need ongoing support throughout set up, implementation, and continued use of the CPQ. Look for a vendor that is easy to work with and provides top-notch customer support. Check review sites, such as G2, to see what users are saying about the software, its ease of use, implementation time, and ongoing support.

Seamless CPQ Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

DealHub is among the Configure-Price-Quote solution providers recommended by Katz in his article. We provide seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and exceptional ongoing support.

Our customers have rated us as having the Best Relationship, Best Usability, and Fastest Implementation for Enterprise among CPQ vendors listed on G2. In addition, DealHub currently holds the top spot in the Trending CPQ Momentum Grid®, surpassing many legacy CPQ solutions.

A key to our success is our quick and easy implementation and excellent support. DealHub takes just weeks to set up, whereas others take months. 

Select a CPQ that gets your team up and running quickly with minimal disruption. A CPQ that is easy to learn and a breeze to use will ensure adoption of the tool so you reap the maximum return on your investment. 

Amplify Microsoft Dynamics CRM with CPQ

Gideon Thomas DealHub.ioArticle by: Gideon Thomas - VP Marketing & Growth, | LinkedIn

DealHub Configure-Price-Quote solution is rated the #1 CPQ software for ease of use, easiest setup, and best support. Sales teams configure quotes and proposals faster with fewer errors. DealHub’s highly intuitive CPQ minimizes administrative tasks, empowers sales teams to engage more effectively with buyers, and streamlines sales operations to reduce the sales cycle and increase revenue. Operates natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and includes: dynamic sales playbooks, interactive content sharing, document generation, contract management, and e-signature. Request your personalized demo to learn how DealHub will accelerate your sales process and help your team close deals faster.

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