5 Ways to Improve Dynamics 365 CRM User Productivity with User Adoption Monitor

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A strong business application system forms the base of every organization. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM is one such comprehensive system that has become essential in today’s business world for its integration with other business applications. Adopting and adapting such a system has become the need of the day. The less time a business takes to adapt it, the more beneficial it becomes. In such situations it is necessary to scrutinize how well the employees are getting in sync with the system.

But it is a bit challenging to monitor and track user activities on Dynamics 365 CRM on such a huge level. Here is where our User Adoption Monitor comes into the picture. In our previous post, you were introduced to User Adoption Monitor – a Microsoft Preferred Solution on AppSource – that reviews and administers Dynamics 365 CRM user adoption.

Now we will see What, How and Why User Adoption is an ideal solution for the challenges faced by the business organizations.

What is User Adoption Monitor?

User Adoption Monitor is a productivity app that monitors, tracks and reviews the actions performed by users in Dynamics 365 CRM. It keeps a tab on each and every actions performed by individual users which can be reviewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports are easily stored and can be viewed with the help of charts and leader dashboards.

How does it help?

User Adoption Monitor has some outstanding features which helps users to track and monitor day-to-day activities. Let’s have a look at these features.

Monitor Actions

The most common actions performed by Dynamics 365 CRM users are Create, Read, Update, Delete, and so on. With User Adoption Monitor managers can monitor these actions and keep tab on how well their team have adopted these common actions of Dynamics 365 CRM. In case of any difficulties, manager can take measures like training to overcome the same. It, thus, builds confidence for one’s team and team members.

Dashboard Visualization

Visual representation of data is easy to understand. In User Adoption Monitor the manager can view activity breakup and individual performance of team members with the help of Dashboards. There is no need to go through complex reports to determine the performance level when it can be easily understood with one glance at the Dashboards.

Track Summaries

There are times when the manager needs report of the team activities on a regular basis to determine the level of user adoption of some features of Dynamics 365 CRM. However, there are activities that can be only tracked on a monthly basis. In such cases managers can choose the period by which the tracking should be summarized, whether Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. The duration can be selected based on targets or goals set for users.

Configure Monitoring Process

Sometimes it is not necessary to monitor each and every activity undertaken by the team members in Dynamics 365 CRM. In such cases, User Adoption Monitor enables the managers to select the entities and actions that need to be monitored. This helps them to monitor only those entities which are preferred or are important to their business processes.

Notify Workflow Failure

In some organizations where Dynamics 365 CRM is newly implemented it becomes necessary to ascertain the adaptability of the employees with the business application. In such cases the manager can review the CRM access data report generated by User Adoption Monitor which tracks system user-login. However, in case of workflow failures there may be incomplete data or no data at all. In such cases, this feature notifies the failure of workflow set to track system login of Dynamics CRM users to the manager which helps to take timely action and avoid loss of data.

Why use User Adoption Monitor?

As mentioned above, these outstanding features of User Adoption Monitor enables the managers to design business processes which is in sync with the capabilities of the team members leading to maximum output from both individual and team. It enhances the productivity and efficiency of business as a whole generating higher ROI.

To know more, download this app from Website or AppSource for a free trial of 15 days.








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