5 Benefits of Click2Export – A One Click solution to Export Dynamics 365 CRM Reports!

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Since its launch, Click2Export has highly influenced the productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM users. It significantly reduced the amount of time spent on mundane tasks thereby, effectively saving time and effort of Dynamics 365 CRM users which can be utilized in other productive areas. Due to these capabilities it has become a highly sought-after productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM. Moreover, Click2Export is now rightfully a Microsoft Preferred Solution on AppSource.

In the previous blog, you were briefly introduced to Click2Export – 1 Click Solution to Export and Email Report/Word/Excel Templates in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Here, we will focus on What, How and Why Click2Export is an ideal solution for challenges faced by Dynamics CRM users.

What is Click2Export?


Click2Export is a productivity app that exports Dynamics 365 CRM Report/Word/Excel templates in just a single click. It exports Report template in Excel, Word, PDF, CSV and TIFF format. Word templates are exported in PDF or Word format while Excel templates are exported in Excel format. The exported report can be auto-sent in an Email as an Attachment, attached as a Note, uploaded to SharePoint or downloaded for offline consumption. It supports bulk exporting of Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/Word templates and also exports multiple records in a single report in just one click.

How does it help?


Click2Export features enables Dynamics 365 CRM users to smoothly navigate through daily activities. Let’s have a look at these amazing features of Click2Export.

Supports different formats

In an organization, reports play an important role in making business decisions. For this, it is necessary to generate these reports in particular formats that suits Dynamics 365 CRM users. Click2Export supports PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV and TIFF formats which helps Dynamics 365 CRM users to export necessary information in their required format.

Bulk export of multiple records

Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to export each and every record if the information required is huge. In such a case, Click2Export supports bulk exporting of reports for multiple records simultaneously. It saves time and effort by exporting multiple records in a single report.

Automate exporting with workflow

Automation always saves time and effort. With Click2Export the user can automate the process of exporting Dynamics 365 CRM report/word templates with required action to be performed on the selected record using workflow. Once the workflow trigger is set, it automatically exports and emails the exported report whenever the trigger is set off, thus, saving enormous time and effort.

Configure Report/Word/Excel templates

As usual, a business organization require reports in different formats and templates depending upon the information extracted from Dynamics 365 CRM. With Click2Export the user can create multiple templates with different filter options and parameter values for the report. It can easily configure reports, filter criteria and parameters for exporting.

Schedule reports for all entities

Same as automation, with Click2Export the user can set parameters to export report for a particular entity at scheduled intervals. The exported report can be then auto-sent through email as an attachment. This ensures that report is sent to required parties on timely basis.

Why use Click2Export?

It is unequivocally an expert solution which fulfils all the needs and necessities of users to export Dynamics 365 CRM Reports. In short, it can be said that prior to Click2Export, users were not able to export Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/Word/Excel templates in just few clicks. It used to take immense time and effort on the part of the user to export the same on a daily basis. In such situation it was difficult to share and analyze data. It affected the decision-making process and smooth functioning of business activities. With Click2Export, Dynamics 365 CRM users can now easily export Report/Word/Excel templates in different formats in just 1-Click.

Did Click2Export pique your interest?

Download and explore Click2Export from our Website or AppSource for a free trial of 15 days.


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