6 Problems CPQ Solves for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Users

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Problems CPQ Solves for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Users


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales users gain tremendous efficiency and productivity by running their business on one platform that provides a single source of truth about prospects and customers. Consider how much stronger your ROI would be if you could also automate the product pricing and quoting process from within Microsoft Dynamics, while gathering insights and data on buyer engagement with deals throughout the sales cycle. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software, integrated natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, is the solution.

What is CPQ?

CPQ is software that helps sales organizations configure product offerings, set up pricing rules and discounts, and generate quotes and professional proposals customized to buyers’ needs. CPQ streamlines the sales process, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures the delivery of accurate quotes to buyers. CPQ also tracks buyer engagement with the quote, monitors deal progress and provides analytics on the sales process.

The Problems CPQ Solves for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Users

In addition to the benefits listed above, a CPQ solves many problems facing Microsoft Dynamics users today. The 2018 CSO Insights Sales Operations Optimization Study by the Miller Heiman Group revealed the following areas that sales operations leaders determined to be most in need of improvement in the next 24 months. If these issues are of concern to Sales Operations leaders, it’s safe to say they are of concern to Microsoft Dynamics users as well.

Delivering key decision-making data to executives

A CPQ goes beyond Microsoft Dynamics’ capabilities by collecting data on buyer response to proposals, providing more accurate and complete sales and customer insights. These actionable buyer insights enable sales teams to respond more quickly to buyer needs, reduce the length of the sales cycle, and improve close rates.

Sales enablement

For Microsoft Dynamics users, your CRM is the backbone of your sales technology stack. However, adding CPQ enables sales teams to work with customers more effectively when creating quotes and proposals and moving deals through the pipeline.

Improved forecast accuracy

CPQ populates opportunity values within Microsoft Dynamics and enables visibility into the sales pipeline for improved forecasting. Deal blind spots are illuminated, allowing sales reps to see where proposals are held up by stakeholders within the buyer’s organization.

Continuous improvement in efficiency through automation

A CPQ integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM eliminates the need for separate tools for quoting, proposal generation, and approval tracking, which allows sales organizations to consolidate their sales stack. CPQ automates the pricing, quoting and proposal generation process, saving time, ensuring accuracy, and increasing the productivity of sales teams.  

Consistently engage and embrace impact from customers

A CPQ allows sales reps to better communicate with prospects and gauge their interest in your product and their response to a quote. Buyer analytics data collected during the quote and proposal phase of buyer engagement helps optimize the sales process.

Connect tools and technologies to the sales organization

CPQ facilitates sales team collaboration around each deal while providing guardrails around the quoting process, ensuring the entire sales organization is producing quotes using the same rules and the same technology.

Addressing these problems through a CPQ integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will help sales operations teams achieve increased efficiency, higher productivity, improved win rates, and greater ROI.

Need for CPQ Configure Price Quote Sales Tool

Get Stronger ROI from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with CPQ

You’ve made a great investment with Microsoft Dynamics 365. To achieve a stronger ROI, add a CPQ to your mission-critical sales tools. Then you’ll have a robust sales stack that increases the value of your CRM. An agile CPQ, such as DealHub, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, enables sales teams to configure complex products and pricing easily and respond to buyer requests for quotes quickly, two factors which heavily impact the customer experience and help close deals.

DealHub for Microsoft Dynamics

Gideon Thomas DealHub.ioArticle by: Gideon Thomas - VP Marketing & Growth, DealHub.io | LinkedIn

DealHub Configure-Price-Quote solution is rated the #1 CPQ software for ease of use, easiest setup, and best support. Sales teams configure quotes and proposals faster with fewer errors. DealHub’s highly intuitive CPQ minimizes administrative tasks, empowers sales teams to engage more effectively with buyers, and streamlines sales operations to reduce the sales cycle and increase revenue. It operates natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and includes: dynamic sales playbooks, interactive content sharing, document generation, contract management, and e-signature. Request your personalized demo to learn how DealHub will accelerate your sales process and help your team close deals faster.

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