Considering Price Quote Software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Look for These Key Features

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Considering Price Quote Software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sending accurate sales quotes and communicating with buyers about those quotes can be a challenge when working in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. You shouldn’t have to spend extra time updating pricing and product lists or configuring discount rules. And, manually sending quotes is an error-prone process that’s frustrating for sales reps and buyers alike.

Integrating Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales adds value and functionality to your CRM. A CPQ enables sales teams to promptly respond to buyers’ requests for quotes, even from complex pricing and discounting rules. When you can effortlessly configure products and send accurate quotes quickly, it greatly impacts the customer experience and the ability to close deals. Automating sales proposals and quotes gives sales reps more time with potential customers and increases productivity.

Key Features of Price Quote Software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right quote generation software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You want to create a fluid user experience, improve sales process efficiency, and boost sales team productivity. Let’s explore how a CPQ, integrated natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, can help you achieve those goals.

Sync with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience

The ideal CPQ will sync with Dynamics allowing easy generation of pricing, proposals, and quotes, all through a single sign-on. The single sign-on makes the CPQ a feature within your CRM, so sales reps don’t have to leave the platform to use separate tools.

Guided Selling Increases Efficiency

Sales reps have many responsibilities when generating product quotes. They must know their company’s current products and pricing and follow discounting rules. They need to be attuned to opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. They also need to quickly share content with buyers at crucial moments in the sales process. A sales rep can accomplish all of this with a CPQ that incorporates a sales playbook. Guided selling, using an automated sales playbook, helps sales teams close deals faster. 

Powerful and Customizable

Sales reps want to easily view the quotes in their pipeline and verify the most recent action on each quote. Visibility of the funnel stages and status of each quote enables sales reps to locate bottlenecks and quickly make adjustments to keep deals on track.

Configure-Price-Quote software should not only make your sales process more efficient, but it should also be customizable to your company’s needs. A CPQ will enable you to tailor pricing and product configuration rules to meet the specific needs of your business. A CPQ can also save sales reps time by using branded templates and customizable documents.

Features of Best CPQ for MS Dynamics Users

Can Handle Complex Pricing Models

For finance, telecommunication, and manufacturing companies, pricing and quotes can become complex, and CPQ extends the capabilities of Dynamics. The best CPQ will be able to manage pricing options for subscriptions, add-ons, leases, and bundles and provide a streamlined quote-to-contract process.

Data Analysis and Actionable Insights

Analyzing each stage of the sales process provides insight into the buyer’s journey and reveals data on how customers are responding to proposals and quotes. They can also see which methods of communication are most effective, and what prices and discounts have the best close rate. This data can guide sales strategies and pricing.

Expands with Your Business

As your company grows, your sales tools must grow with you. You want a vendor who is committed to CPQ and will support your business expansion. Continuous updates and improvements that focus on customers’ needs will guarantee the CPQ software evolves with your long-term business growth.

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Price Quote Software Built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft’s vision is to provide solutions that engage customers while increasing business productivity, and DealHub aligns with this principle. Organizations need a comprehensive view of their business, customers, and employees. As Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Industry, said, "Organizations need to reimagine their processes." DealHub's price quote software helps Microsoft Dynamics CRM teams do exactly that.

Alysa Taylor Quote Microsoft Dynamics


We strive to break down the barriers between marketing and sales, manager and sales team, and customer and sales rep with a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is easy to use and improves the buyer experience. Every Price Quote can be sent in a personalized, content-rich DealRoom. Having the sales proposal and supporting content centralized on one personalized mini-site greatly improves the buying experience and ability to track buyer interest.

We invite you to learn more about what Configure Price Quote software can do for your business. Download our Guide to CPQ and let me know if you have any questions.

DealHub Sales Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gideon Thomas DealHub.ioArticle by: Gideon Thomas - VP Marketing & Growth, | LinkedIn

DealHub Configure-Price-Quote solution is rated the #1 CPQ software for ease of use, easiest setup, and best support. Sales teams configure quotes and proposals faster with fewer errors. DealHub’s highly intuitive CPQ minimizes administrative tasks, empowers sales teams to engage more effectively with buyers, and streamlines sales operations to reduce the sales cycle and increase revenue. Operates natively within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and includes: dynamic sales playbooks, interactive content sharing, document generation, contract management, and e-signature. Request your personalized demo to learn how DealHub will accelerate your sales process and help your team close deals faster.

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