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Any software can be utilized to its utmost capacity when there is maximum user adoption. Similarly, Dynamics 365 CRM has many useful features that help its users to cover different aspects of their business. For instance, if you want to analyze how your sales are going, you can turn to the Sales module, for service, you have the insight into various sort of Service modules, for projects you have access to the Project in Dynamics 365. But, ultimately, it all boils down to how well you have adapted to your CRM, because, unless you have a grip on what your CRM can do, you cannot extract maximum benefit out of it.

This is why, User Adoption, i.e. getting familiar with using your CRM and its various modules and functionalities is extremely crucial. An in-depth knowledge gives you the ability to switch between modules, see how they work in cohesion, and have a holistic view of your Dynamics 365 CRM. Since every module is somehow interrelated, you can seamlessly navigate through them and use the properties of one module into another.

The question is, how to increase User Adoption? As you know, Dynamics 365 constantly upgrades its functionality with cutting-edge technology around every six months, a basic understanding of how the modules work is very important. This makes it easy to adapt to the changes in UI since the functional aspect is almost the same. However, with the release of v9.0, Microsoft has completely revamped the blueprint of Dynamics 365 along with the way it operated. It is all about apps now, for a smooth experience on mobiles and tablets apart from web browser.

Here are few factors that can influence many organizations towards an easy adoption of CRM’s UCI version and any version in general.

  • Training Workforce: The first step towards increasing the adoption of a system is to create awareness and launch training programs. By assigning qualified professionals in the organization as trainers or mentors, an enriching knowledge transfer session can be held. An interactive session allows the users to gain confidence in the mentor and also clear any doubts.
  • Exploring Individually: One cannot emphasize enough on the significance of hands-on experience. It not only lets you explore the system intrinsically but also makes you learn by practice. For quick adoption, there should be a dedicated time to understand the fundamentals and apply them in your day to day application.
  • Setting Measurable Goals: It is always beneficial to be able to do quantitative analysis of your metrics. This allows you to learn in phases and also keep track of how in-sync you are with the update. You can pinpoint your weak areas and work on them to scale-up your learning.
  • User Engagement: Engaging your users by explaining them the benefits of update or change in system gives them an overview of how it will impact the business. Therefore, they can do planning and align themselves in a certain direction of learning which meets the expected end result.
  • Taking adoption Test: It is a brilliant idea to assess the adoption subjectively or objectively. This way the manager can set individual goals for the employees based on performance.

By investing in these strategies you can see a tangible improvement in the adoption of CRM. The better your users adapt to CRM, the quicker and responsive your business will become.

  • Retained employees: As the employees can seamlessly move through the updates in Dynamics 365 this increases their productivity and they enjoy their job. They see themselves as an integral asset of the organization who is given appropriate training and assisted on the various phases of translation. This creates a responsive environment for them and increases their chances of working longer in the organization.
  • Satisfied customers: Since the employees have the desired understanding of Dynamics 365, they can understand client requirement better and design processes to meet their objective. This reduces the turnaround time and increases productivity since the employees are able to give best suited solution to the client leading to a happy customer.
  • Increased Product/Service Value: As discussed, a good service leads to a delighted customer who can spread the word about your product and customer support. This positive feedback helps you brings you more leads and prospects. Also, with better user adoption you can expand your product and improve the quality of your services.


User Adoption Monitor reviews, tracks and monitors the most common actions like create, read, update and delete by users in Dynamics CRM. Rated as a preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, it acts as an effective tool for managers or administrators for monitoring the usage of Dynamics CRM and listing out the top performers with leaderboards.

User Adoption Monitor supports all Dynamics CRM deployment models beginning CRM 2013 and above.

Deployment: On-Premise, Online and Partner-Hosted.

Download the app from Website or AppSource for a free trial of 15 days.


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