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Think Your Non-Profit Organization’s Ability to Innovate is Limited by Budget? Think Again

All organizations are limited by budget, and any growth-related goals have to be considered in terms of available funds. But when it comes to non-profit organizations, there are often unique budget limitations in place that for-profit organizations simply never encounter.


For many non-profits, trying to stick to their mission statement and achieve their goals in the face of budgetary constraints can be an enormous challenge. As a result of these financial limitations, non-profit organizations often end up using outdated tech solutions. While it may be true that old tech can be made to work, non-profit organizations often end up struggling to grow and reach their full potential as a result of using older technology.


Fortunately, though, it doesn’t have to be this way. When non-profit organizations are connected with the right tech partner -- one that can offer them an efficient, affordable, and up-to-date CRM solution while sticking to a strict budget -- they’re often able to grow and expand in ways they hadn’t previously thought possible.

AKA Enterprise Solutions Connects with the Carter Center

 The Carter Center is a global organization aimed at human rights advocacy. Guided by a fundamental commitment to alleviating human suffering around the world, the Carter Center focuses on achieving measurable results through the use of research and analysis.


Considering this focus on data-driven analysis and action, it’s essential for an organization like the Carter Center to have the right tech solutions in place. Up until recently, however, they were relying on outdated technology. Both their internal and external reporting systems were lacking when it came to generating meaningful reports.


With the help of NetHope (an organization working to connect non-profits with tech innovators) along with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI) division, the Carter Center was able to partner with AKA Enterprise Solutions. Together, we’ve worked to create a complete tech solution that meets the Carter Center’s unique needs.


Why Microsoft’s TSI Division Chose AKA 

The Carter Center initially approached NetHope with their “Dream” -- that is, their vision of what they wanted to achieve by working with a tech partner. Based on the information provided by the Carter Center, NetHope collaborated with Microsoft’s TSI division to find the ideal partner.


Microsoft ultimately chose AKA, largely because of our long track record of working with non-profit organizations. Over the years, AKA Enterprise Solutions has combined the power of ERP and CRM to help non-profits with:


  • Implementing more effective solutions for the entire case or client lifecycle
  • Empowering staff with a deeper view of cases, donors, and volunteers
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Engaging in cross-functional collaboration
  • Improving decision making through better reporting
  • Making more cost-effective and efficient purchases via quicker procure-to-pay turnaround
  • Centralizing financial management via a single application
  • Tracking critical functions such as donation goals, outreach campaigns and events


...and much more. Our CRM solutions give non-profit organizations the tools they need to succeed -- all while working within budgetary constraints.


Understanding the Carter Center’s “Dream” and Creating a “Dream Book”

As a first step, AKA and the Carter Center collaborated over the course of a two-day “Dream Workshop.” Here, we were able to work hand-in-hand with employees from the Carter Center to better understand their goals for a new tech solution.


With this accomplished, AKA sat down with NetHope to produce a “Dream Book.” This deliverable is broken into four parts:


  • Part 1 outlines a “journey map” for the key stakeholders.
  • Part 2 identifies the non-profit’s challenges, as well as potential opportunities.
  • Part 3 examines potential solutions to meet the challenges identified in Part 2.
  • Part 4 defines the non-profit’s “Dream,” offering a value proposition and outlining how it can benefit the non-profit.


The “Dream Book” concludes with next steps and a timeline.


Thinking Outside the Technology Box

Because the Carter Center was willing to think outside the box and work with a knowledgeable tech partner like AKA Enterprise Solutions, they’ve successfully achieved a digital transformation despite budgetary limitations.


Want to learn more about AKA Enterprise Solutions’ work with the Carter Center?




Is your non-profit organization struggling with outdated technology? Don’t let budgetary constraints hold you back. AKA can help you achieve your goals: contact us today to learn more.


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