Clone Records along with Deep Links in Dynamics 365 CRM

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The key to a successful business is automating the tasks that do not necessarily require human intervention. It forges a surge of innovative solutions that can multifold your accuracy and bring incredible results. It was a breakthrough in the world of Sales when Dynamics 365 CRM was first launched. Many industries adopted it in their strategy and have maximized their productivity with its inclusion.

Opportunity, Quote, Invoice and other entities have records that provide a concrete base to your decision making. Since there are many records that have similar data, we can save a considerate amount of time spent in creating duplicate records by cloning these records. Cloning a record can help in carrying the attributes and relationships from one record to another record with accuracy and minimizes manual entry.

This astonishing ability of Dynamics 365 to clone records with the help of plugins, workflows or console tools gives an organization extra flexibility to create new records quickly.

Few ways in which Dynamics 365 CRM helps in cloning records with the help of Plugins/Workflows/Console Tools:

Clone records with deep links

For instance say you want to clone an Account. This Account has an Opportunity associated with it and the Opportunity has five products. On cloning the Account a new Account is created associated with the same Opportunity and all the products from that Opportunity are also carried forward.

Automate the Process of Cloning

Workflows can be created which run on-demand or on triggering. This automates the process of cloning and accelerates the speed of creating duplicate records. Therefore, one doesn’t have to necessarily go and invoke the cloning process.

Clone one Entity record to another Entity along with relationships

Selected attributes from the record of one Entity can be carried forward to a newly created record of another entity. Also the relationships like Emails, Notes, Appointments, etc. can be carried forward.

Clone Records along with line items

A record may have a number of Products associated with it. We can write plugins where on cloning, new records are created which include the associated products.

These were a few ways of cloning records programmatically however, products can be cloned in an OOB manner without Plugins. For instance, if you have to create a new product, family or bundle you can simply click on the Clone button present on ribbon, and this creates another Product with the same details and properties.

Now that we have seen few cloning possibilities of Dynamics 365 CRM, let’s have an insight into how it improves your business process:

Spearhead your business smoothly

As there is reduced attention required from your employees to enter similar data, they can focus on building an effective business plan. They can smoothly maneuver through the business process and analysis to come up with better resolutions.

Transform to a remarkably powerful strategy

Tremendous amount of time is saved when a large amount of data is cloned/replicated. This helps to invest the saved time in brainstorming and making intelligent strategies that can bring more clients and add to the value of organization.

Get lucrative returns

The workforce can be proactive and give Quotes to the Leads with little turnaround time, therefore, maximizing the potential of converting them into clients.

Recreate Goals by cloning

As goals are time-based they expire after a certain amount of time. You can create same goal for your teams by simply cloning them before expiration.

Improve Quality of Service

By creating accurate records you can reduce the room for errors and improve the quality of services you offer your clients and gain their trust.

Get tangible results by cloning records in Dynamics 365 CRM to create a more efficient workforce and drive your sales.

Click2Clone is a 1-Click application to clone/copy Dynamics 365 CRM records along with related records rated as a Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource. In order to clone/copy records with Click2Clone you need to create templates and pass values for entities in them as per your preferences. You can also carry forward 1:N & N:N relationships with deep links and clone records from One Entity to another Entity along with relationships. Click2Clone gives you the flexibility to copy only related records from another record of same entity and automate the process of cloning records through workflows.

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