Attachment Management on Cloud Storage from within Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 CRM is a vast customer relationship management (CRM) system which caters to different functions of different users. It has provisions to keep track of customer details in almost all aspects. For e.g. there are Sales, Marketing, Service and other modules that focus on targeted areas and are a driving factor behind managing customer data. Integration of cloud storages like SharePoint, Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage can offer extensibility of storage space and thus improve the management of data.

By managing data as attachments and organizing their CRM space, users are able to make intelligent decisions. Dynamics 365 has Activity section that helps in managing information regarding a record. To name a few storage options, data for any of Dynamics 365 record can be attached to it as a Note or sent via Email activity which ultimately is stored against the record. Thus, every record can have its data with itself but if you attach too many Notes or send too many Emails for a record or from the CRM it consumes your CRM space and Dynamics 365 has limited space. To add a solution to this, and not let it restrict you from uploading your files in Dynamics CRM there is an extension to this feature i.e. native integration of Dynamics 365 with cloud storage SharePoint.

Dynamics 365 has Document Management section from where this integration with cloud storage SharePoint can be configured. SharePoint gives the Dynamics CRM user the liberty to upload Dynamics 365 attachments directly to SharePoint while still being able to access these attachments from the CRM. It gives extension of storage space and therefore Dynamics 365 users are able to store and manage Dynamics CRM Attachments easily.


In order to perform Dynamics CRM SharePoint Integration, one has to enter the details in Document Management settings. This integration is apt for those who are looking to upload their data in a system outside of Dynamics CRM by still being able to access it from the CRM but not consuming Dynamics CRM space. Big organizations that have large number of customers can greatly benefit from it. It provides seamless data management of Dynamics CRM attachments in SharePoint.

There are a number of actions you can perform on your record from Dynamics CRM to SharePoint. Simply open to a record and go to Documents. You will be able to see the integration details between SharePoint and Dynamics 365 CRM and also the list of actions you can perform on the records.


You can upload file, create Word, Excel and other files along with folder, open location, add location, and edit location. This allows employees of an organization to review and make changes in a file in SharePoint for business purposes. If there is a change in business requirement then they can edit the document location and be in alignment with their business needs. For instance, a file has to go through multiple reviews in an organization, if the file is uploaded to SharePoint every user can access it. This helps organization with a broader vision of its business process, reduce cost of storage and therefore allows its employees to work more efficiently.

The prime driving factor behind this is it allows Dynamics 365 CRM users to leverage the capability of SharePoint by integration of both systems.

Attach2Dynamics is a productivity app for Dynamics 365 rated as a preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource. It enables users to drag and drop multiple files and folders. Users can also upload/download, rename, email, preview, delete and perform other actions on Dynamics 365 attachments on SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage. Attach2Dynamics has a user-friendly UI for viewing all the files and folders in the configured cloud storage for multiple records. After uploading the Dynamics 365 attachment, users can also generate anonymous sharable link of the attachment directly and use it for multiple purposes.

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Attachment management made easy!

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