ERP/CRM Software Blog Members on Digital Marketing Excellence 2019/20 List

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Each year Fifty Five and Five, a leading B2B marketing agency with a focus on technology and IT companies, analyzes the marketing efforts of Microsoft partners to understand how the industry is developing and which factors are driving success. They recognize the creative ways partners have adopted content and inbound marketing methods to generate leads and grow their businesses.

Fifty Five and Five has just published it’s 5th annual Digital Marketing Excellence report, and we’re delighted to see that five of our ERP/CRM Software Blog members were selected for this honor:

AKA Enterprise Solutions

ANEGIS Consulting

CAL Business Solutions

FMT Consultants

Ledgeview Partners

The companies listed (250 out of 39,000 examined), practice the very best digital marketing techniques across their websites, blogging output, and social activity. The report not only lists all those recognized, but it also provides a wealth of suggestions for all Microsoft partners.

Read the complete report here

Congratulations to all our hardworking partners.

By ERP Software Blog Writer,

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