Are Some of your Staff Younger than your Construction Costing System?

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Back in the day … in the 80’s and 90’s...  the thinking was that construction companies needed special “job cost accounting software”.   On that basis the only other software you needed was an estimating tool or an Excel spreadsheet.

Fast forward to the Present Day

With the advent of the smartphone, the tablet, and the increased sophistication of the construction industry, there is a proliferation of construction apps that cater for collaboration, estimating, HSEQ, scheduling and more.  All of these are competing for your IT budget dollar - not to mention your  backend accounting system.

Meanwhile, many of those 80’s and 90’s job cost accounting software packages are still around.  Although vendors have upgraded and developed them to appear contemporary, sometimes even making them “cloud based”.   Many continue to run on their original platforms and cannot integrate with your other tools making it difficult to automate business processes and optimise productivity.

Now for the Good News!

For the many construction companies who recognize that their accounting system has reached its’ “use by date”,  there is now a huge variety of cost effective, modern accounting software in the marketplace.  Furthermore, with the advent of project management systems like IPM, you no longer need sophisticated, construction specific accounting software to run your business.

With IPM, you manage projects from within your project management system.  This then passes your payables and receivables information back to your accounting software. Your project management software can access information from your accounting software to enable sophisticated project by project analysis including forecasts based on scheduled activities.

In addition to the benefits of integration with your accounting software, IPM provides many other benefits.  These include Collaboration, Document Control, Cost Control, Procurement, Site Diary / Field Reporting, HSEQ, Labour Resource/Equipment Management, Mobility options and Timesheets.    You can optimize productivity, automate business process and replace many of the standalone apps and manual systems typically used in construction.  And of course it's available in the Microsoft Cloud on a SaaS basis - IPM Project Management now available on Microsoft Appsource.

For more information please visit IPM Global for an obligation free demo.


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