8 Ways Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Supercharges Business

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Customer Service impacts your brand perception as a major factor in brand choice and loyalty. By 2020, Customer Experience is projected to be the main differentiator for brands, overtaking the impact of pricing and product for the first time.

Customers increasingly have an expectation that customer service will be available digitally, and around the clock. For the first time ever, customers are reporting they prefer to reference a company's online learning assets over speaking with someone directly by phone. When a customer does reach a decision that they would like to speak with someone, they expect that individual to be empowered with all the information they have discovered themselves, and ready to react. The upside of this shift is customers want to help themselves. But how do you empower them to do this?

An omni-channel customer service experience that unifies the connection between all avenues that a customer engages with (social media, chat, bots, email, knowledge articles), coupled with Artificial Intelligence and automation. This application then provides that data to a service agent. Omni-channel customer service experiences are no longer a futuristic requirement. They are a necessary part of your everyday customer service approach.

  • 91% of contact centers have not implemented omni-channel experiences in customer service. Source: Forrester
  • 90% of customer expect a seamless experience across channels (chat, email, and phone). Source: Forrester
  • 55% of customer will abandon an online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer. Source: Forrester


To meet these customer demands, businesses must go digital immediately. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides a solution to your omni-channel service needs. The Dynamics 365 for Customer Service application is designed to track your customer experience, measure your critical KPIs, and provide resources and insights to drive improvement.

8 Ways Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Supercharges Business

How can your business capitalize on the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to supercharge your customer service? Here are the key features:

1. Searchable Portals

Several different types of search can be enabled, including Quick Find, Relevancy, and Category, to assist your agents with common tasks and processes.

Interested in a custom search for your environment? Contact Barash Consulting to discuss powerful, fast, custom search solutions for all your Dynamics 365 needs.

2. Relevant and Comprehensive FAQs and Knowledge Base Articles

The Customer Self-Service environment is designed to enable your team to publish comprehensive and linked knowledge base articles and FAQs to meet the needs of your customers, 24/7.

3. Conversation Tracking

Gone are the days of contacting an agent with no access to case history, or responses a customer received from a different agent. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, your support team will have a single, unified view of the customer.

4. Always On, Always Connected

Today’s customers expect a response within 30-45 minutes, or they’ve moved on to someone else. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, customers can be easily redirected to appropriate channels to receive a response, whether it be an agent, knowledge article, or chat bot.

5. Clicking Outranks Phone Menus

Customers prefer chats, emails, clicking, and scrolling over long phone menus with multiple options, none of which are “Speak to an agent”. Not only does this approach improve your customer experience, but your business can utilize the data from their experience to improve.

6. Insights from Artificial Intelligence

The data received from the omni-channel clicks also serves another purpose. Text analytics will suggest cases and knowledge articles to agents that are relevant to the case at hand. This enables junior agents to perform at a similar level as their tenured counterparts.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can provide insights and trends on hot topics, to allow your team to produce targeted knowledge articles for solutions that are becoming more relevant to your customer base.

7. Pain-Free Experience

Your customer enjoys a pain free experience through the variety of customer service choices offered by Dynamics 365 for Customer Experience. The customer is empowered to choose their preferred method of educating themselves, and is satisfied and engaged, helping to make their first in person contact with your business a pleasant and informed one.

8. Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators

The Dynamics 365 for Customer Service dashboards provide easy access to data about KPIs such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Gross Margin (GM).

Bottom Line: Dynamics 365 for Customer Service delivers a service experience that is effortless for everyone – customers and agents.

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By Amanda Barash, MS, MSCE, MCT 


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