The Role of CRM in Digital Transformation

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We are working with a number of companies in the midst of digital transformation, helping them to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build better and more consistent relationships with their customers.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers are now highly skilled when it comes to technology. In this demanding environment, CRM technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement should come to the fore.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CE support digital transformation?

There are endless possibilities. Let’s look at marketing, sales and customer service, in particular.

  • Digital transformation and marketing

The marketing app within Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to reach customers in a more sophisticated way.

By using Dynamics to gather information about your customers, their interests and their problems, you can create tailored marketing programmes which target their most pressing questions. You can also manage and monitor social channels more effectively and make better use of email marketing because of the ability to understand and predict requirements. This can dramatically improve the ROI on your marketing spend. You can see what resonates most with your audience, and reduce the amount you spend on traditional marketing which is hard to quantify, like print advertising and direct mail.

  • Digital transformation and customer service

The customer service app within Microsoft Dynamics 365 will also support digital transformation. By collecting the right customer information, service teams have a rounded view of an individual’s interaction with your business and can use these insights to serve customers better.

When managed properly, it’s possible for the service teams to be more proactive, providing information to customers when they need it most, rather than waiting for a query to be raised. This reduces the amount of time your teams spend on the phone dealing with the same issues, and has a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction.

  • Digital transformation and sales

Your sales team can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve prospecting and business development by making it quicker and easier to assess where a prospect is in their buying journey, and to tailor communication and resource accordingly. It’s also easier for you to track and manage your sales pipeline, with information recorded systematically and all in one place.

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