Selecting a Microsoft Dynamics Partner: 5 Ways Glassdoor Can Help

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Using Glassdoor to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics Partner: 5 Things to Look For

Information has never been more easily accessible. As a result, individuals and businesses alike are using the internet to research potential service providers before making large purchase or business decisions. Consumers tend to rely on resources like Facebook, while businesses often take advantage of platforms like LinkedIn.


Choosing a partner for your business is a major decision. Doing research on LinkedIn, conducting a business background check, and looking into references are all important measures to take. If you’re looking for a Microsoft Dynamics partner, however, there are other resources available to you -- some of which may surprise you.

Here at AKA Enterprise Solutions, a new customer recently told us that Glassdoor reviews were a determining factor in their decision to partner with AKA. While Glassdoor is a familiar resource when it comes to evaluating an employment opportunity at a given company, many businesses are now using Glassdoor to research potential partner companies. By reading through employee reviews, it’s possible to learn a great deal about a business. These reviews often provide detailed information related to company culture, values, and internal expectations.


While it’s certainly possible to use resources like LinkedIn to learn more about a company, one of the primary benefits of Glassdoor is the unique perspective being offered. While much of the content available online about a company is curated by the company itself, the reviews presented on Glassdoor are coming from employees -- and it’s these employees that you’ll often be engaging with when you choose to work with a specific partner.


If you’re looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, then, Glassdoor can be a valuable resource. Here are five things to look for when reading through Glassdoor reviews:


  1. The right company culture

You’ll be working closely with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner on a range of tasks. With this in mind, it’s important to choose a partner with a positive company culture. Ideally, your Dynamics partner should both share your company’s values and prioritize their employees. By hearing directly from employees about company culture, you’ll get a sense of how the company also treats its partners.


  1. Opportunities for growth

When choosing a Dynamics partner, you want to select a company that gives its employees opportunities to grow. It’s important to select a partner who can help your company stay ahead of the game and take advantage of emerging technologies, particularly in the IT sector. A company that prioritizes employee growth is more likely to be focused on staying on top of new industry trends. Conversely, a company which fails to offer its employees adequate opportunities for growth may be a step behind in helping your business succeed.


  1. Effective internal communication systems

Good communication is essential to any business, and you’ll want to choose a Microsoft partner with a strong internal communication platform. If employee reviews indicate that internal communications are efficient and effective, that’s a good sign that the company in question will communicate effectively with your business as well. After all, a tech partner should be implementing their own technology solutions as part of their business infrastructure. Negative employee reviews in this area should throw up a red flag.


  1. Valuing employee feedback

The best businesses have systems in place that take into account both employee and customer feedback. Using Glassdoor, you can assess to what degree employees feel their feedback is being heard. If the company listens to its employees, that’s a good thing. This is often an indicator that the company in question listens to client feedback, too.


  1. Happy employees

At the end of the day, this is the most important piece of information you can glean from Glassdoor. Happy employees are motivated, enthusiastic, and easier to collaborate with. Ultimately, happy employees lead to satisfied clients.


Don’t forget to consider the big picture, too. Would employees recommend the company to a friend? What sort of rating does the company have overall? If you come away with a positive impression of a company based on employee reviews, you can take this into consideration alongside information gathered from other resources. With all of this information at your fingertips, you’re in an excellent position to select the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner for your organization. If you’re searching for a Dynamics partner, take a look at what AKA has to offer.


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