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You’ve seen a demo of a Rockton product and you are SOLD! But your decision maker may not be up to speed yet. Sometimes it may require a little more information on the benefits, support, features, and functionality to get things moving forward.  We can help make your work simpler and easier® and that includes getting the decision maker buy-in.decision maker buy-in

Featured Products 

Recurring Billing 

  • Manage recurring invoices 
  • Flexible Billing Schedules to bill annually, quarterly, monthly, etc. 
  • Send Payment Reminders
  • Calculate Penalty Fees 

Software Management 

  • All the functionality of Recurring Billing 
  • Calculate partner margins 
  • Track Product platform, series, and version 

Tax Processing 

  • Automated tax calculation 
  • Group tax details into tax schedules 
  • Integrate with Avalara AvaTax 

Let's talk about price 

Is spending money on the software causing them to pause? Our products are competitively and affordably priced. Not only does the monthly subscription pay for the product, it includes unlimited product support as well. It also includes updates for supported versions so when you upgrade your system you can upgrade our software too  

Benefits are key

Does your company’s decision maker understand the benefits of the Rockton product? We can help communicate the time you will save, errors that will be eliminated, and repetitive tasks that will be avoided. This, in turn, will allow time to be spent on things needed to make your business grow and run smoothly. Our products are easy to install and user-friendly, making adoption a breeze. Here are some ways we can help them see the benefits: 

  • Personalized demo 
  • Trial the product in your system 
  • Setup & Configure page in the product to help you configure and test the product
  • Access to blogs, KBs, video’s, and much more 

Support - we are in it for the long haul

Is your decision maker concerned about adequate technical support? Rest assured, we have an excellent support team with years of knowledge specializing in Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM. You have unlimited product support with the monthly subscription, and we are here to make sure your questions are answered. 

Confidence - get the reassurance you need

Maybe your decision maker simply doesn’t know Rockton yet. We are happy to provide references or schedule a call to answer any questions or concerns. Customer and partner feedback along with continued subscription renewals lets us know that they trust and rely on our products. We hope we can make you a fan, too!  

For more information about our products, you can view our Dynamics 365 Solutions page or feel free to contact us at or 877-4-ROCKTON.  If you already have a product and have some questions, please contact 

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