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Now available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online!

With the long awaited release of IPM Project Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), it doesn’t matter what your business looks like …. If it is project based, IPM has a project management solution, which integrates natively with Microsoft Project, Office 365, Outlook, Power BI and SharePoint.

Built specifically for the Construction and Engineering industries, it no longer matters how large or small your business, how much the size of your workforce varies, or whether you require integration with a light or heavy ERP back end.

Recognizing that business is increasingly moving to the Cloud, our latest version now sits on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and meets the needs of construction, engineering and project based industries requiring an online solution.

IPM  provides the key benefits sought by these customers, including:

  • Faster deployment, with lower set-up costs
  • Affordable subscription-based software, with monthly payments
  • The option to vary the number of users over time, up or down
  • No requirement for file server infrastructure
  • Automated back-ups, with data integrity ensured
  • Access to real-time IPM data, onsite from any computer or hand-held device – all you need is an internet connection
  • Offline availability options


In addition to these features, which clearly offer major benefits to project based industries of all sizes, IPM also includes the functionality of the original IPM 365 On-Premise edition including:

  • Secure document distribution
  • Creation of key project documents in Microsoft Word and automatic email filing from Microsoft Outlook
  • Integration options for individual or multiple back end ERP systems
  • Flexible, real-time, user defined reporting to PCs and handheld devices
  • A high level of customization available to the user, including processes and routing, as well as documents and reports


Go and visit us on Appsource today and sign up for a free Test Drive.

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