How Effective is Virtual Reality at Trade Shows?

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VR at Trade Shows by Axonom

Many manufacturers view virtual reality (VR) as an effective business tool to present and educate their (configurable) products to conference attendees on the trade show floor.

Visual Product Configurators with Virtual Reality is a solution suite quickly being adopted by businesses to deliver an immersive experience that showcases product attributes, demonstrates benefits, and leaves a memorable impression with attendees.

VR has ROI benefits as well. In many cases, it’s not cost-effective or realistic for manufacturers to display large or many products in the booth. Reducing the amount of physical items on display will shrink drayage (shipping, installation, dismantle) expenses.

Time is a factor. Attendees only spend a few minutes in a booth. It is imperative to quickly show options that fit the attendees requirements. With a push of a button, you can present a variety of preconfigured product layouts in various environments.

Here are even more reasons why VR is being used by manufacturers at trade shows...

Buzz Factor

Have you ever left a trade show with a bag full sales literature with scribbled notes and a hazy memory of what vendor provided what? The trade show floor is crowded with exhibitors selling similar products and/or services. Many vendors often get blended together.

How does one stand out above the competition? It starts with providing a compelling experience. Not only does VR drive attendees to your booth but it creates buzz about your offering and others will share their experience with colleagues.

*Watch UFC fighter Daniel Cormier react to his personal training facility in virtual reality.

"Virtual Reality is very cool and worked extremely well as a WOW factory in our trade show booth. It's a great tool to make booth visits memorable, and we hope to use it to alleviate confusion when ordering complex configurations of mobile carts." - Spencer Costello at BFW Inc.

A Teaching Tool

Powertrak Virtual Reality for Healthcare
Explore and Interact with Products in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality includes animation and interactive product movement. This enables attendees to quickly grasp product attributes and benefits.

For example, when it comes to designing an operating room, the healthcare staff and designers need to be in sync on how each medical equipment moves, operates, and fits in the space. Poorly placed equipment can lead to unsafe or ineffective working conditions – which will result in an expensive shutdown and remodel.

VR is a tool to help decision makers make better, more informed decisions prior to construction and installation.

"Virtual Reality gives us the flexibility to demonstrate correct product placement as well as the ability to demonstrate and spatial limitations based on the room design. It's flexible and allows us to show our product in a way we were never able to do before.” - Craig Wassenaar, President at Skytron

A Memorable Impression

Smartphone Virtual Reality by Axonom
Extend Virtual Reality Experiences on Smartphones

The trade show floor is full of distractions. It’s often difficult to have a good conversation when loud sounds, potent smells, and crowds of people draw the attention away from what the vendor is explaining.

Virtual Reality helps attendees focus on the product. It transports them into a virtual world where they have a first-hand view to visualize, explore and interact with the product in the environment.

When the show is over, mobile VR on smartphones is a great tool for attendees to share product designs with colleagues back at the office.

"Virtual Reality is a first-class teaching tool. It’s an effective way to demonstrate each stage of the apparel design process - from concept in software to fabric to completed garment." - Bill Grindle, CMO at Gerber Technology

3D Product Configurator + Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality combined with a 3D product configurator delivers the ultimate trade show experience. A visual configurator enables attendees to custom build a product to their specific needs. Add immersive VR to help the attendee visualize and explore their newly customized product in minutes. This one-two punch is the most effective way to showcase configurable products and configurable environments at conferences or trade shows.

"The edge of the network is more critical and more complex than ever before. This virtual reality experience allows visitors to our booth to work through design complexities in a way that brings these environments to life." - Jennifer Renaud, vice president of marketing for Vertiv in the Americas

Learn More About Manufacturers Using VR

Discover how manufacturers are successfully using Axonom's Visual and Virtual CPQ suite at trade shows to reduce drayage costs, showcase one or many products, stand out from the competition, and deliver a memorable experience with conference attendees -


Written by Michael Bauer, Axonom.


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