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LinkedIn is more than just the world’s largest social network of professionals. It is also a vast, untapped source of revenue for your sales team. LinkedIn in full of educated, affluent decision makers, representing over 30M companies worldwide.  According to Forbes, 80% of B2B leads from social media occur on LinkedIn. 45% of people that actively consume content on LinkedIn are in director level or C-suite positions.


LinkedIn Profile
Harness the power of your LinkedIn connections.


LinkedIn is valuable for more than just looking for your next opportunity. Estimate of the vast number of connections you’ve made over the years. Now, add to that number the contacts of the other members of your organization. Imagine if you could load those connections into your CRM. Can you envision the reach your company would have?

Integrating LinkedIn with your Dynamics 365 implementation empowers your sales team to engage in social selling with predictive intelligence. Sales teams consistently report that they are being asked to use disjointed solutions. For instance, conversations start on social media, then are continued in productivity tools, such as Office 365. Manual tracking in CRM systems increases the complexity.

LinkedIn completes the Sales cycle.
Feedback from sales teams revolves around having too many disconnected tools.


Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution

The Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSS) brings together LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps. Through this connection, your CRM system can access over 500 million professional profiles. Your sales team will have profiles of leads, including photos, job titles, and work histories. Artificial intelligence will analyze a user’s upcoming meetings, emails, and engagement to provide updates on relationship health.

Watch this demo from Microsoft’s recent Business Applications summit for demos of the system.

  • Find the right prospects.
  • Use artificial intelligence to gauge the health of your relationships.
  • Build new relationship through custom recommendations.

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By Amanda Barash, MS, MCSE, MCT

Managing Director

Barash Consulting

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