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It’s not often that an attendee describes what they are viewing as “Jaw dropping” but that happened to us last Thursday while walking through a demo of ClickDimensions Campaign Automation at Microsoft Marketing Surestep Office hours


We started off by talking about what marketing automation is and why it is so important in today’s market. We discussed some of the features of ClickDimensions, as well as some important considerations when choosing a marketing automation solution. We then discussed the drip marketing campaign we’ve been working on for our new concept, Dynamics 365 Support, of providing Dynamics 365 support to companies that don’t currently have an existing Dynamics 365 partner or MSPs looking for someone to do their Dynamics 365 support. Brian Begley, president and chief consultant at enCloud9, demonstrated how to easily create a drip marketing campaign. Based on a certain trigger, a series of automated actions occur, such as emails, phone calls being scheduled, etc…

Brian not only demonstrated the process of creating the campaign automation but also showed us what happens meanwhile in Dynamics 365. Some of the things that happen in Dynamics 365 are:

  • Leads are created automatically and assigned to specific campaigns.
  • Tasks are assigned to particular people or teams.
  • Emails and phone calls are delivered as if they came from the salesperson.
  • Interactions can be tracked in real time.
  • Name added to a lead marketing list for the future

Reactions and Comments

Many of the attendees at the Office Hours were amazed at the power of ClickDimensions. Partners loved it and were very engaged. One attendee stated that her jaw was dropping seeing what can be done and how useful it would be. Another commented on the ease of the drag and drop options in creating the campaign automation. Another commented on how “slick” it all was.  Overall. I think many partners saw the usefulness of this and how helpful it would be. It was a great learning experience for other partners, as well as a great opportunity for enCloud9 to share its expertise. Recently, the Microsoft Marketing Surestep office hours has been having a lot of partners share their area of expertise and the results have been great. It has been great learning from others.

Continue to our blog to view the recording of the demo, as well as to see a list of resources.

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