Global Company looks to Rockton for Automating their Recurring Billing

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Technology and automation go hand and hand. It's all about increasing productivity by reducing the time it takes to do a particular task. With CMC Group, Inc. they knew they needed a way to automate their recurring billing, manual was not an option.

CMC Group, Inc., established in 1980 as a small label distributor.  Over its 40-year history, CMC Group has expanded to include multiple companies of excellence, with world-class printing capabilities as the foundation. CMC Group has facilities in the USA, Canada, and the UK and sells throughout North America and Europe.


Manual vs. Automation

They had a business goal of adding subscriptions to their product line. After doing some research, they found Rockton Software as an option to help them with their business requirements.


Teamwork Gets the Job Done

The development team at CMC Group, Inc. were able to work with Rockton Software to fully realize the product capabilities and our requirement needs. “Rockton was not only exceptional working with us through problems and testing, but they also made sure we were satisfied with the solution.” CMC Group, Inc.Manual versus automation. CMC Group knew they needed something to help with recurring billing.


Life with Rockton's Recurring Billing

CMC Group, Inc. can manage their customers' expectations with proper billing and notification cycles within their Dynamics AX and CRM environment. The sales team loves the ease of use, with their buy-in, our subscription services have been an exceptional addition to help service our customers.


Expand and Grow

In the beginning, they started with only two subscription offerings for their customers. Now they offer 7-9 different subscriptions, with more on the horizon. This was all possible, thanks to their developers and the Rockton team. Together they made our ®.


What it means to Work Simpler & Easier®

CMC Group, Inc. goals were to meet the needs and manage their customer's expectations. With this new subscription model, their relationship with their customers is stronger and allows them to communicate with the customer and automate the subscription process. They were able to take their Recurring Billing to a whole new level. They can manage the billing without team members having to do another step, and it is set up to automatically bill at the current rate on their AX trade agreement.


These are just some of the highlights. Please check out the full Case Study here.

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