Dynamics Docs Migration

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Dynamics Docs Migration

Need to migrate large volume of documents to Dynamics CRM (365) and SharePoint?

Dynamics Docs Migration Tool is a desktop application that reads CSV file and imports documents from local or network hard disk to the Notes of records of selected CRM Entity. Using Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) the uploaded files to CRM are then moved to SharePoint with metadata from the fields in the CSV file.

Two mandatory fields are required in the CSV file, file name and the path to where the file is stored on local hard disk or network drive. The tool can also update the record’s fields by reading the content of other columns of the CSV file. Before uploading documents to CRM you match the columns names in the CSV file with the attributes of the Entity you upload the documents to its records.

Following setting up the connection to CRM online or CRM on premise, the import process can be configured, based on the structure and content of the CSV file.

  • Select the entity to which documents are uploaded
  • The column that contains the document’s file names
  • The relative path to the document (local or network hard disk)
  • A field that is used as the unique attribute of the record
  • Document’s absolute path
  • Select a field and the content of the field that once sets it triggers a workflow.
  • Alternatively, select an on demand workflow that is called by the desktop application immediately after each document is uploaded to CRM.

The workflows are optional in case you wish to upload the documents to SharePoint

Last part in the configuration process is to link between the column names in the CSV file and the fields to be updated in CRM.


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