The Benefits of AI for Asset Management: Marketing and Campaigns

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AI for Asset Management Firms: Increase Marketing and Campaign Effectiveness

When it comes to asset management, data is everything. In order to stay competitive in a changing market, you need access to reliable, meaningful data. Accessing this data and putting it to use for your firm involves having the right technology: without the right tech, you’ll miss out on major opportunities. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. This video series looks at 6 different aspects of your business that can benefit from the implementation of AI technology. The result? Improved ROI and a competitive advantage. If you haven’t had a chance to read the other blogs in this series, we recommend that you take a look before continuing on:



In Part 5 of this series, we’ll look at how AI can help your firm improve in the marketing arena.


How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing effectively can be a challenge. Tracking the efficacy of various marketing campaigns can be a huge stumbling block. This is true for many businesses, but it’s especially true for asset management firms. When you’re attempting to bring in new clients, you’ll have a number of different data points to consider. These include the number of assets under management (AUM), the number of clients you contact, the total number of touchpoints involved, and -- of course -- the number of conversions. But, you’re not actually interfacing directly with the end client. Instead, you’re working via advisors, and the sales process can be a long one. This makes it challenging to track results from marketing campaigns.


While it’s possible to get answers to some basic questions (such as whether or not your AUM has increased for a particular product), it’s difficult to draw specific conclusions about which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are ineffective. Imagine instead if you could get answers to more specific questions, such as: “We pitched advisor X with marketing campaign Y. Did it result in a conversion?” Or: “Did our new marketing campaign generate results (in the form of clients/revenue) for product Z?” As it turns out, you can actually get answers to these sorts of questions. In this video, we look at how AI and machine learning can provide you with this kind of information, making it easier than ever to determine what’s working and what’s not -- and modify your marketing efforts accordingly.


Think AI is a thing of the future? Think again: the power of AI can be harnessed by your business right now. With the help of the AI feature set included in software solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, your asset management firm can take its marketing efforts to the next level. Be sure to watch for further videos in this series.



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