Opportunity Grid Accelerator for Dynamics 365

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Creating a sales opportunity or quote in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that covers multiple product lines can prove time-consuming.

That's because interface controls force sales users to select individual products. If an opportunity consists of six different products, a sales user will repeat six different searches to select these items.

For sales professionals who create multi-line quotes this is a repetitive process when time could be better spent on revenue generating activity.

Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, a time saving solution is available that creates a better user experience.

Within the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, canvas PowerApps can be now embedded. Through this capability an opportunity grid accelerator is embedded within the Opportunity form that enables multiple products to be added.

Once these are selected, users can quickly edit each product line to update volumes and discounts as required.

From this view, individual products can also be deleted if they are no longer needed on this opportunity.

Once quantities and other product variables are confirmed, users can see the completed detail enabling them to progress the opportunity and create a quote.

Contact Preact to find out how this opportunity grid accelerator can be deployed on your system to increase productivity and create a better user experience for your sales team.

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