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Quizzes Can Be Helpful in the Business World Too!

Many people consider quizzes to be unproductive and not beneficial, but nothing could be further than the truth! There are actually many benefits to businesses doing quizzes. Not only are quizzes are fun and interactive, but they engage your customers in ways they’ve never been engaged before. Who doesn’t like the fun of taking a quiz? There are times and places where reading a piece of content might be more appropriate, but there are also times that a quiz is the right way to go. Many big businesses such as Disney, Hilton Hotels, and Red Lobster engage their audiences with quizzes. Using quizzes can give you some great insights about your customers or can be used to educate someone about your products or services. There are many articles out there about the psychology behind quizzes and the business benefits to using quizzes in marketing. No longer are quizzes only a tool used by teachers to assess student progress and improve student outcomes. Quizzes are actually content marketing’s secret little weapon. Creating quizzes in Microsoft Forms Pro can be very productive and enlightening.

Business Reasons For a Quiz

Quizzes can be extremely useful for businesses too. Some examples of how businesses might use quizzes are:

  • Reinforcement for training or webinars.
  • Onboarding documentation.
  • To educate your clients or prospects on a particular service or product you offer.
  • Employee testing tool.

Once you start thinking, you’ll think of all kind of scenarios in which quizzes can be applied to your business.

If you’ve ever created quizzes in Microsoft Forms, then you know how easy it is! Microsoft Forms Pro, the newest member of Microsoft’s Power Platform, extends the capabilities of Microsoft Forms in Office 365.  The basic Forms app included with Office has somewhat of a limited toolset. Microsoft Forms Pro features additional functions, including advanced branching, theme customization, individual tracking links, data connection with Dynamic 365 workflow automation using Microsoft Flow. Response data is available in real time but is also available in PowerBI for further analysis.

Microsoft Forms Pro is a simple yet comprehensive survey solution that allows businesses to easily capture and analyze feedback to improve customer, employee, and product experiences. I decided to challenge myself to learn how to use this new product and write about it in a blog. This post is the second of a projected three-part series. Part one covered creating a surveyPart two covers creating a quiz. And finally, in part three, I will cover sharing your survey or quiz and viewing and analyzing the data. Once you use this “simple, yet comprehensive” tool, you’ll realize how valuable the data you attain is! This blog post will walk you through the steps for creating a simple quiz.

The public preview is available to anyone with a Microsoft work account, including both Microsoft Office 365 commercial customers, and Dynamics 365 customers. Forms Pro is expected to be a paid service, once generally available.

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing to do (if you haven’t already done so) is to visit the Forms Pro website and sign up for the preview. Once you do that, you will see two options, create a new survey and create a new quiz. Let’s take a look at creating a new quiz, so click on that option. My screen shows a few surveys and quizzes I have created. If you previously used Microsoft Forms, those forms will be migrated over to Forms Pro.


Next, it is time to give your quiz a title and description. Click on the words untitled quiz. The font size and type may be changed here. You may also add an image here if desired, although the area where the picture will be displayed is pretty small. It is perfect for a company logo or a small picture.


Click on the paint pallet icon (on the top right-hand corner) to choose a theme. You can choose either a solid color, a pre-set picture, or add your organizations’ theme by clicking the plus sign button.

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