AKA Sponsors 7th Annual Lunch for LifeWorks

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Partnering with Non-Profits: AKA Sponsors 7th Annual Lunch for LifeWorks

AKA Enterprise Solutions is proud to have the opportunity to work with a number of non-profit organizations. These engagements test our skills when it comes to designing IT solutions, but also give us the chance to work side by side with talented, dedicated non-profits to help them achieve their goals. And when we can, we like to do even more to support these organizations.

That’s why on April 18th, 2019, AKA sponsored the 7th Annual Lunch for LifeWorks. This was the largest advocacy event of the year for LifeWorks, one of our non-profit clients. At LifeWorks, the focus is on helping young people and families achieve self-sufficiency through creative problem solving and working to achieve real, sustainable results for the people they serve.



Back in 2018, AKA designed and implemented our Social Services Case Management for Non-Profits solution at Lifeworks. This cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution gave LifeWorks the ability to track client progress throughout the entire client life cycle. As a result, it’s easier than ever for LifeWorks to keep track of client needs and follow up as needed. Additionally, this solution includes the necessary tools to assist clients with housing, education, employment, mental health, and more.

Putting IT to Work to Achieve Goals 

Since our Social Services Case Management solution was implemented in 2018, LifeWorks has made great progress in translating their goals into reality. The results are impressive: as of 2019, LifeWorks has achieved a 24% reduction in youth homelessness in Austin, TX, in addition to decreasing unsheltered youth homelessness by 57%. We’re thrilled to have helped LifeWorks achieve these numbers by offering custom, mobile-ready solutions for caseworkers and counselors.


As a result of our work with LifeWorks, AKA was named 2018 US Partner for Social Impact by Microsoft. It was an honor to receive this designation, awarded annually by Microsoft to a Dynamics partner in recognition of outstanding achievements in working with non-profits.


The 7th Annual Lunch for LifeWorks was centered around the theme: “Building Up: Youth Voice.” The theme highlighted LifeWorks’ focus on prioritizing the unique needs of their youth clients, ensuring that these needs are heard. The luncheon included a video featuring the importance of “lived experience” and peer support, testimonials from current clients and donors, and a presentation discussing LifeWorks’ Education/Workforce, Counseling, and Housing programs.


To find out more about how AKA worked with LifeWorks to reach their goals, check out the video below.

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